Everything You Must Know About Your Car Transmission

Everything You Must Know About Your Car Transmission

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The transmission in automotive is one of the key elements. It is a classification of various components which gets power from the engine transmits it car wheels. You could be having the most powerful engine in the world but without the transmission or gearbox, you can’t move your vehicle even an inch as there is no connection between the power produced and wheels to move your vehicle. Keeping it in a perfect shape is essential for the safe and efficient operation of any vehicle.

What is car transmission?

As stated above, it is vehicle component that transfers engine’s rotational power to wheels. While the car engine works, various other things are happening in the process of transmitting the energy. Scientifically, a transmission or the gearbox entirely relies on the power produced by the engine. No engine means no power and no power means nothing to be transferred to wheels. Now, the problem is that the power produced internal combustion is dependent on engine speed. Here, power is a usable energy or torque which effectively needs to be transmitted to the powertrain. Here, the issue is whether the power is produced within predefined speed or not.

To understand it better, let’s say you want to drive a nail straight through the wall. In this case, speed will be the number of times nail head has hit the wall in one minute. While the amount of force you apply every time, you hit the nail will be torque.


Importance of transmission

The transmission gear framework ensures that created power does not get squandered. It additionally encourages enough power to turn the wheels. Needing more power, it goes to the lower adapt proportions so as to permit more proficient transfer of required power at low speeds. Hence, the vehicle’s gearbox is an essential bit of automotive puzzle offers ideal power when you require it and preserve it when there is sufficient force as of now occurring in wheels. This results in improved fuel efficiency and maintains the health of vehicle’s engine.

Types of transmission system

Manual Transmission

As the name suggests, it allows driver to select gears manually through movable gear selector and a clutch. This is also known as stick shaft or a standard transmission.

Automated Manual Transmission

Also known as AMT, the automated manual transmission, similar to manual transmission employs a clutch, but the action is not controlled by the driver through clutch pedal. It is automated using electronic, pneumatic or hydraulics. It is sometimes known as DSG (Desired shift gearbox) or SMG (Sequential manual gearbox).

Continuously variable transmission

The CVT has continuously variable drive ratio and uses belt pulleys and sensors instead of gears to maintain acceleration without any gear change pauses. As a result, it keeps the engine at its optimum power range.


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