Buying clothing and accessories: it’s all so hard, isn’t it? Finding the time to shop, the right size, your preferred style, and of course, something that fits within your budget! Only, that was then, and this is now. There are many points connected with fashion that we found hard to do, but times have changed and those things are easier than ever.

Here are three things that are no longer a chore, but simply a breeze.

Buying Plus Size Clothing

For millions of plus size women out there in the world, buying fashionable and well-fitting clothing was almost impossible. It seemed as if every clothing retailer was solely focused on catering to the “skinny crowd” and forgot about curvy girls. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, as plus size clothing has been given the love it deserves, and scores of women can shop to their heart’s content for tasteful fashion items.

For one, plus size celebs like Rebel Wilson and Ashley Graham are fighting the good fight for curvy girls to have better choices when it comes to clothing, and it appears as if major fashion brands are listening. “The times when women’s fashion was only available in “outsize” sizes from 18 to 30, sack-like and shapeless, have long gone. If you wear a larger size, there is no need to do without elegant, trendy fashion,” so says longstanding retailer Peter Hahn on their plus size page.

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Finding Affordable and Stylish Glasses

Bland, ugly, and boring. These were normally words to describe glasses in the past. You used to trudge down to the optician to look at the giant wall of glasses you didn’t even want in the first place, and then simply pick one that didn’t make you look too “square”. However, a company called Warby Parker has changed the game for the better. After taking a style quiz (face shape, color preference, desired material, etc.), the idea is that you’ll select up to five frames, which will then be sent to your home for you to try on. After deciding which one you like best (if any), you simply keep it and send back the ones you dislike. Painless and simple shopping, now that’s something we can get on board with.

Putting Unworn Clothing To Good Use

Closets and drawers full of old clothing that you just never wear anymore – sound familiar? A lot of us get very attached to our clothing, thinking that we’ll wear it again “one day.” But as we buy more and more, the unworn items are just going to sit there, unloved. But rather than buying another closet just to fit everything inside, a better idea is to swap the clothing for something else! Swap websites are all the rage, as these are helping people get rid of things they no longer wear, without costing a penny. Don’t let your clothes sit in a dusty drawer, bring them to life again by trading with another person.


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