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Finland-based IPOB Violence Instigator, Simon Ekpa, Threatens Oil Companies

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HELSINKI, Finland – Simon Ekpa, the self-proclaimed leader of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has issued stern warnings to oil-producing companies operating in South-East Nigeria to adhere to the Monday sit-at-home directive.

He urged these firms to ignore any circulating claims suggesting that the directive has been suspended.

In a broadcast shared on his X platform (previously known as Twitter) on Sunday, August 13, 2023, Ekpa cautioned oil companies that any move to restart operations under the pretense that the sit-at-home order has been revoked would result in grave repercussions.

Ekpa emphasized that only the “Biafran government in exile,” which he claims to represent as Prime Minister, holds the authority to lift such an order.

He stated that the sit-at-home directive remains in effect until their requirements, including the release of Nnamdi Kanu and certain conditions for the Biafran territories’ autonomy, are met.

He addressed the oil companies, saying, “The only Biafran government recognized and supported by our people is the Biafran government in exile, which I lead as Prime Minister. Our freedom is yet to be achieved, Nnamdi Kanu remains detained, and the demands we outlined in our letter to you remain unaddressed.”

Ekpa continued, warning of dire consequences if the oil companies resumed operations.

“If any entity tells you that the sit-at-home directive has been called off and you resume operations, I vow by the spirits of those who perished in the 60s that you will not extract or exploit any oil in Biafra.”

He linked the oil revenues to the procurement of arms and equipment that the Nigerian government uses against the Biafran movement.

“Your contributions to Nigeria’s economy enable them to arm themselves against us. We will hinder them by obstructing you.”

Ekpa concluded by reiterating that the Biafran government has not suspended the sit-at-home order and it will remain in place every Monday until their stipulations are satisfied.

He ended with a clear message to the oil companies, stating, “If you defy us, be prepared to face the wrath of the Biafran people. The land and its resources belong to us, not you.”

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