Forget Business Loans: Recycle Your Own Money Fast By Taking The Invoice-Factoring...

Forget Business Loans: Recycle Your Own Money Fast By Taking The Invoice-Factoring Route

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on November 16, 2017
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For making your business grow, you have to overcome the restraining financial factors to take advantage of the opportunities for growth that come your way. It is always very challenging for small and medium businesses to ensure that they do not face a cash crunch, which is almost inevitable and can happen repeatedly.

For making the right use of the opportunities business sustenance and growth, it is necessary to create a secure financial support system so that cash flow remains smooth always. Since cash constraints can occur suddenly and difficult to predict, it is not possible to depend on any loans that take time for approval.

Moreover, it is not easy to avail traditional loans from banks and other sources. To respond to the fluctuating needs of business that requires pumping in money at the shortest notice, you have to think about smarter ways of availing business funding NZ.

The challenge for sustaining business

Unless you can provide the right kind of support system that ensures timely availability of finances for business in a fast and flexible manner, you will always find it hard to sustain the business.

As competition is increasing, it is stretching the business credit cycle which in turn is putting too much of stress on cash flow. Instead of looking at external sources for quick financial assistance, a smarter way of doing it is to explore the internal resources where funds remain locked in and take measures for unlocking it promptly so that the money flow back into the business.

Invoice financing is the smarter alternative

Also known as invoice factoring, the technique of invoice financing allows you to make use of the resources available within the organization and convert it into quick money for boosting business the finances.

Large amounts of cash remain locked in the sales invoices that keep cooling and stay unpaid until the time debtors discharge their credit obligations.

For overcoming the hindrance of time, you can convert credit sales into cash sales so that the money comes to you immediately. To achieve it you can approach a lender that offers the facility of invoice financing.

Without the need for approvals and lengthy procedures, you receive almost 80% cash against the invoices upfront as soon as you present it to the lender.

Stop borrowing and use your own money

The arrangement of invoice financing enables you to make use of your money instead of incurring higher costs by borrowing.

Moreover, some business loans entail placing collaterals as security in the form of assets, which is a cumbersome process and not always feasible if the requirement of funds is not very big.

The invoice financing company agrees to release the majority cash related to the invoice and even takes the responsibility of managing debtors for timely payment. As you receive the funds immediately when the sale happens, you do not face the problem of cash flow.

Regardless of the size of business, you can avail the invoice financing facility provided you have steady sales and outstanding invoices for accounts receivables, and the customers are creditworthy.


  1. Benefits of Invoice Factoring almost always outweigh the negative for under-capitalised businesses. For businesses who have growth being restricted by their cash reserves the cost involved in invoice funding should be substantially less than the extra sales made possible by access to the potential cash sitting in the accounts receivable ledger.

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