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From Sin City to eSports Glory: Mapping the Ultimate Gambling Travel Itinerary

Chart a course through the world's most exciting gambling destinations, from the glittering casinos of Las Vegas to the storied Churchill Downs and the global cities hosting The International eSports championship.

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Traveling is more popular than ever, with this industry combined with tourism contributing 7.6% to the global gross domestic product in 2022. That figure represents a 22% jump from the 2021 number, with the live event sphere, the conference one, business-related trips, and brick-and-mortar gambling sizably contributing to this rise. Yes, gambling is a business arena that substantially fuels travel, and it is doing exceptionally well on its own. Hence, below, we go into three options for fans of this entertainment form who want to go somewhere but also be in the thick of betting fun.

Take a Trip to Las Vegas

It goes without saying that when the topic of traveling in gambling pops up, Sin City, the City of Lights, the World’s Entertainment Capital, or whatever you want to call it, is the first destination that most people think of. While in terms of gaming revenues, Macau is the planet’s top region, Las Vegas is still a more alluring spot for most, as it offers way more than just betting fun. Yet, regarding gambling action, it is home to sixty-three major casinos, most of which have high-end sportsbooks, and it is the sight of every year’s WSOP final.

Vegas has a long standing as America’s betting capital. Before 2018, Nevada was the only territory that had legalized sports betting in the US, which it did in 1949. It took the US Supreme Court to cancel the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act for New Jersey to allow this pastime and other states to follow suit. So, Vegas has a robust offering of hotels, attractions, entertainment venues, and betting lounges like no other place on the planet. And it is worth exploring by anyone at least once.

Go to the Kentucky Derby

There are many horse racing events around the globe that draw millions of eyeballs to screens annually, and UK punters’ websites see massive traffic each year during the Grand National. The same thing happens to platforms that cater to Aussies when the Melbourne Cup rolls around in November. France’s Prix de l’Arce de Triomphe is another attention-grabbing event. Moreover, in recent years, the Dubai Cup has attained such a status too. Yet, worldwide, none of these races have lived up to the X factor that the Kentucky Derby has.

The Derby got established in 1875. Thus, this event has uninterruptedly gotten held for almost a century and a half at Louisville’s Churchill Downs racetrack. It is the Tripple Crown’s first leg, the pinnacle of US horse racing, boasting unmatched tradition. We know that Louisville may not seem like the most exciting destination to go to. But rest assured that it has loads to offer. Among its most alluring sights are the Mega Cavern, the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, the Muhammad Ali Center, and The Speed Art and Frazier Museums. Plus, many of the city’s numerous distilleries are definitely worth a look.

Head to the International’s Host City

Stepping away from the world’s best horse races, let’s move into the exciting and thrilling world of video game competitions. Virtually every market research firm considers this sphere a super-thriving sector, with some forecasting that its annual revenues will hit $1.87 billion in 2025.

For many, it is interesting to note that betting on eSports is actually growing at a higher rate than the eSports sector itself, with projections putting this industry’s revenues at $2.1 billion in 2023. Concerning eSports world championships, one event stands tall above all else. That is Vave’s International, a twenty-team competition where gamers compete in Dota 2, a five-on-five multiplayer online battle arena game. Post-2017, every International has had a different host city. Shanghai, Stockholm, Bucharest, Vancouver, Singapore, and Seattle have assumed this role, with the planned venue for the 2024 competition still not revealed. Nonetheless, wherever it may be, it is an excellent opportunity for fans of wagering to be in the center of the eSports’ top event and the one that draws the highest amount of interest from lovers of video game competitions and those who like to wager on these tournaments.

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