#SoundOff: On Buhari’s N400 Million Presidential Cars BullSh*T

#SoundOff: On Buhari’s N400 Million Presidential Cars BullSh*T

By Opinions | The Trent on July 11, 2015
Muhammadu Buhari
President Muhammed Buhari boards one of the Nigerian Presidential Fleet planes to Germany

by Favour Afolabi

If indeed, someone proposed this “N400m Car Purchase” then President Muhammadu Buhari should announce the person’s name and have him sacked immediately!

Second, how this became a public story baffles me and should serve nothing other than propaganda at best; another attempt to tell Nigerians “We now have a no-wastage President.”

If this indeed occurred, then it would have been proposed by Staffers of the President/Presidency/FGN; so why is the Public being made to feel like “we had a say in it in the very first place?” Was the public informed when the proposal was submitted? Why then are we being informed when it was “supposedly rejected?”

This same no-wastage President just awarded N731bn payouts to States with no specific constitutional provision; so what’s all these publicity stunt sef?

Buhari should PLEASE do the work he was elected for; enough of these cheap appeal to sentiments; he’s 73 years old; he shouldn’t expect all these empty pampering from the public as a two-time C-in-C!

Favour Afolabi is a leading political commentator in Nigeria. He can be reached on Facebook. 

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  1. Exactly, this government should just STFU and get to work.

    Here is a brief outline of issues facing Nigeria that President Buhari should tackle and leave this trickish and cunning rubbish he is doing to deceive people:

    1. The economy is getting worse, the Naira is falling, foreign investors are either pulling out their investments or putting a hold on it. Local investors are also putting investments on hold.

    2. Corruption is on the increase. He gave governors billions to pay them back for funding his campaign. He did this in the guise of bail out funds. Buhari is also making financial decisions that will affect Nigeria without a professional financial adviser ie Finance Minister in place. Nigeria is not his farm in Daura.

    3. Boko Haram has reclaimed territories and has killed close to 1000 people since Buhari came into office barely 40 days ago.

    4. A true test of a leader is in constituting a team. Buhari has failed this test. For some reason he thinks its sexy to appoint his cousins (DG, SSS – Daura) and his niece (INEC Chairman – Zakari). He doesn’t realize it makes him look stupid.

    Please we prefer Buhari to get to work and leave these cheap publicity stunts.

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