How And Why You Should Be Growing Your Own Cannabis At Home

How And Why You Should Be Growing Your Own Cannabis At Home

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Cannabis has had a colorful history. In its early years, it was recognized as a therapeutic plant and because of a political difference, it was then categorized as a dangerous and a hazardous substance. Today, we see cannabis return to its former glory, acknowledged for its curative properties apart from its recreational, psychoactive benefits.

Because of the growing development of the cannabis industry, many are now led to growing and cultivating their own. Here are a few quick and easy tips on how to grow your own cannabis for both recreational and medical use. But first, let’s talk about why you should be growing your own.

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The Why

The legalization of marijuana in over 30 states have led to the development of the cannabis industry. Because it’s now used for making medicines and is now being used on vaporizers like the DaVinci IQ Weed Vaporizer, cannabis has seen a significant rise in demand. And while the demand for cannabis begins to escalate, cannabis users also experience an escalation in costs.

Different states set various laws governing the use of cannabis for both recreational and medical use. Cannabis dispensaries have begun to proliferate especially in states where the use of cannabis is deemed legal. Weed Advisor is a good place for cannabis consumers to visit for more up-to-date information.

The prices for recreational marijuana is notably higher than medical marijuana, recreational taxes levied on consumers continue to grow due to the progression of the industry itself. Because costs in cannabis consumption have skyrocketed, many see it practical to grow their own cannabis especially in states where cultivation and possession are allowed.

While saving money is one of the most obvious reasons in growing your own cannabis plant, you’ll find that growing your own means that you know exactly what you’re smoking or vaping. You may always believe what your weed hookups tell you though it’s still best to know that you’re getting exactly what you put in. You’d also start to develop a deep connection with the plant which somewhat provides users with better appreciation with the herb they’re using.

Many see that growing weed in your own home could be more of a daunting task, well here’s an easy guide to putting your green thumb to good use.

The How

Growing your own cannabis can be similar to growing any plant though it can be more rewarding than growing orchids and roses. Here are 6 easy tips to successfully growing your own weed.


Choose A Marijuana Grow Room/Cabinet

If you’re planning to grow marijuana at home, it’s best to find yourself a secure, enclosed space where you can provide your cannabis with an appropriate environment for growth. Giving your cannabis strains enough room will give you a higher success rate, however, the smaller the room or the cabinet, the easier and the less expensive it will be to organize.

Be Mindful of The Lights

Lighting is important in growing cannabis indoors, since you’re doing your best to imitate the natural, outdoor environment. Remember that the quality of your lighting will determine the quality of your cannabis. The better the lighting, the better the yield. You should bear in mind that sudden changes in lighting will confuse the plant and may cause them to produce male flowers. Paying close attention to lighting will be the key to getting the most out of your seedlings.

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Give Them Enough Air

Like any living organism, cannabis also needs air to thrive. Providing your plants with an ample supply of air is like giving them enough food. It’s best to keep an exhaust fan near the plants to keep the warm air out. Advanced growers maintain a temperature of about 58F to 70F when they try to mimic night time while they keep the cabinet or rooms to about 70F to 85F when they try to imitate daytime. Breeding veterans who have been completely immersed in this hobby invest in monitoring devices which helps them automatically shift the lighting and the air conditioning for their plants. Though it is recommended it’s not a pre-requisite especially when you’re planning to start small.

Soil Vs. Soilless Cultivation

Today’s growers and breeders focus on both conventional and radical means of growing cannabis at home. While some use a more traditional means of growing – planting seeds on soil – some prefer to use a more revolutionary cultivating method by using a soilless, hydroponic medium. Ideally, using soil to plant and grow your weed is one of the best choices for beginners since it’s straightforward and requires mainly the use of a healthy soil from which the plants will develop. The soilless method, on the other hand, uses osmosis to feed your plants’ roots. It’s like spoon feeding your plant which causes them to grow faster, bigger. Obviously, the latter is more expensive than the former.

Your Weed Need Supplements

While cannabis has been oftentimes called weed, since it easily grows almost anywhere, you’d still want to give your plant the right supplement to provide it with enough nutrients. Pretty much like taking your vitamins, your weed needs to take some supplements to in order for them to grow strong.

Watering Your Weed

Well, watering can be a little tricky when it comes to cannabis herbs. Waters with high levels of chlorine can be bad for the plant that’s why it’s not advisable that you take water from your faucet and just sprinkle your plant with it. Another thing to bear in mind is not to drown your plant. Putting too much water on the plant will cause it to be moist and will expose the plant to fungal root diseases that may eventually kill your weed.

Once you’ve had the hang of growing your own weed you’d be able to reap its benefits and use them on your favorite DaVinci vapes. With the right amount of experience and dedication, you’ll be an expert level breeder in no time. Enjoy ad fall in love with growing your own marijuana at home and be a part of the green revolution.


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