A Guide On How To Eradicate Lead From Your Drinking Water In...

A Guide On How To Eradicate Lead From Your Drinking Water In The Shortest Time Possible

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Drinking water is vital in the life of any human being. Millions of people all over the world look for solutions on how to ensure their drinking water is safe. Though many assume that by buying bottled water they solve this problem, many do not know that even bottled water may contain lead, which is a risk to your health.

There are practical ways you can use to ensure that you are keeping your family safe by giving them water that is free of lead.

Here is the step-by-step guide
  1. Obtain your water report from your department – Ask your water supplier for a report that shows the latest research of your water. This will help you understand what risks you are facing, especially if you are using chlorinated water. This report will also tell you if your water supplier is committed to providing safe water by the year that research was established. If it’s an old report, know that the company have not been carrying out any researches currently, which is not right .
  2. Remove all pipes made from lead that bring water to your house – Though this step can be costly, it cannot be more costly than your health or your family’s. The process of removing all these pipes made from lead and replacing them with another material may take time, especially if that’s the only kind of pipes you had. Mostly, the water supplying companies will not remove the pipes until the customer agrees to the plan.
  3. Install a home lead water filter – A home lead water filter is a great option as it removes lead. Professional water filter companies like the https://www.aquaoxfilters.com/lead-water-filter/ should be able to educate you more on lead elimination using filters. Whether they are carbon filters or reverse osmosis filters, you can easily get your water made safe. You can also install a whole house water filter that covers all the water used in the whole house, ensuring that even bathing water is lead-free. If you are living in a rental apartment, you can invest in an under-sink water filter.
Is boiling your drinking water an option to eliminate lead?

NO! Unfortunately, the lead will not be removed by boiling your water. While boiling water kills bacteria and parasites, it does not help with the lead at all. Lead is an element that increases its concentrations with boiling.

Take home tips

Every time you run your taps, allow the first water to flow out for 1-2 minutes to flush out stagnant water that has been lying in the taps. Use only cold water to drink or cook to limit the increased amounts of lead in water. Though these steps do not in any way remove lead from your water, they limit the amount of lead you consume.

Lead is known to be very dangerous to children and pregnant women. It is wise to use an effective long-term solution to eliminate the lead problem in your family.


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