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TERRIBLE: Gunmen Rape, Rob FRCN Female Trainee Journalists In Lagos

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Unknown gunmen on Friday, September 5, 2014 invaded the Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria (FRCN) training school, Lagos state raping and robbing many female trainee journalists, which Vanguard reports is the 3rd of such attacks in recent times.

An insider said: “The armed robbers were many. They attacked the school last week, last two weeks and now this week. They always rape the girls and dispossess others, including male students and workers on night duties of their valuables.”

The attacks have left workers shocked as policemen are stationed at the gate for security purposes.

The attack of Friday, September 5, 2014 was said to have happened around 2 am, with the hoodlums reportedly targeting the financial records office while 3 of the masked men headed for the Bond FM section which has a lot of new and expensive appliances.

“Many of them broke into our offices, remove burglar-proofs, raped girls who were in training and living in our hostel. They collected money, phones and laptops. This is the third time this will be happening,” said a staff.

An unnamed insider also said the school has both male and female trainees on different special courses in radio stations across the country with some private students studying broadcast journalism.

The insider added: “The gunmen are usually many whenever they attack. The first time they came, they appeared to be searching for something as they ransacked all offices. This time, they came with three or four men wearing masks. They were apparently the people who wanted something from the school or offices. When they came this time, they were the ones doing the frantic searching. Whether they succeeded in getting what they wanted this time around is what we don’t know.”

When contacted, police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide affirmed that only burglary was reported, saying she never knew the place had been robbed up to 3 times, adding that previous cases were never reported.

She also said that no case of rape was reported, as nobody has come forward to state that she was raped.

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