Guys, 10 Clues Women Leave at Your Home For Other Women To...

Guys, 10 Clues Women Leave at Your Home For Other Women To Discover

By iDate Daily on December 29, 2013
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Men oftentimes accuse women of being expert “Inspector Gadgets” when it comes to detecting whether or not they are in competition with other women. Men oftentimes fail to notice that women leave clues for one another at a man’s home in an attempt to discover one another.

Some of these clues are subtle, others are overt and are never seen by the other woman (if there is another woman) because the man was able to find them first. Our team at iDateDaily surveyed women who have admitted to leaving and/or finding clues that led them to discover their man was with another woman. Below are the top 10 clues the women who were surveyed found and/or left at a man’s home:

  1. Intimate apparel: One common clue that is oftentimes left behind is a pair of sexy panties and/or a bra. Unless you have a friend who sleeps in your bedroom with his girlfriend, it’s pretty difficult to explain to your girlfriend how a sexy thong managed to find its way underneath your bed and/or in your car.
  2. Condom wrappers: Some of the women surveyed admitted to leaving condom wrappers in trash cans throughout the home and/or underneath the bed. Nothing says “caught up” more than condom wrappers, especially if they’re a brand of condoms that you and your girlfriend don’t usually use.
  3. Perfume: While some women admitted to leaving bottles of perfume at a guy’s home, others admitted to spraying perfume onto their wrists and rubbing it onto different fabrics in a man’s home for other women to smell. After all, it’s pretty difficult to remove the scent of a woman’s perfume from your clothes and pillow cases.
  4. Glitter: A lot of feminine products (e.g. body shimmers, lip gloss, makeup) have glitter in them. And glitter is extremely hard to completely get rid of. While some of the women surveyed admitted to “accidentally” allowing their glittery products to spill on the bathroom sink, others claimed to have found more success by leaving it on a man’s face, literally. Unless you’ve been playing dress-up with your daughter or have been in a strip club, there’s no reason for you to have glitter on your face.
  5. Loose Hair: This clue can be particularly tricky if you are a man with long hair. The women we surveyed admitted to questioning their men about long loose hair sighted throughout the home.
  6. Lipstick: Unless you’re engaged in a double lifestyle that your girlfriend is well aware of, it will be incredibly difficult to explain why you have a tube of lipstick in your bedroom, living room, and/or bathroom.
  7. Bobby Pins and Other Hair Accessories: This one is a bit tricky if you’re a man with long hair, but if you are bald, it will be incredibly challenging to explain the bobby pins and hair bands located in the drawer of your bathroom.
  8. Soap: Unless you’re a huge fan of Dove products for women, you will find yourself struggling to explain a pink bar of soap in the tub. Ladies are well aware of soap brands that are created just for them.
  9. Menstrual Products: Unless you have a teenage daughter and/or you are in a serious relationship, menstrual products should never be in your home. Ladies surveyed admitted to leaving behind tampons and/or menstrual pads at a man’s home as a clue to other women of their existence.
  10. Stilettos: Women oftentimes bring a pair of flats to relieve their aching feet from high-heels. Some of the women surveyed admitted to leaving behind a pair of sexy stiletto pumps in a man’s closet so that another woman could discover them.

While some people may revere this as a form of “marking your territory,” the core of the conversation is to remain open and honest with the woman or women you’re dating so that you don’t create a hostile environment for yourself when you’re being confronted about another woman’s items in your home.

What clues are missing from this list?


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