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Guys: 10 Signs That Show A Girl Is In Love With You

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Guys, if you want to know whether a girl likes you, then you’re going to have to pay attention, because it’s unlikely that she’s just going to come out with it and tell you. So, don’t just sit on the fence, or you could be missing out the love of your life, read these ten subtle signs that she wants to get to know you better; she might be waiting for you to make the first move…

1. She likes to get close to you

If she likes you, then she will be happy to sit right up close next to you. Girls don’t like to get too close to people that they don’t like, so watch out for the physical proximity move, that’s’ always a good sign that she likes you.

2. A bit of gentle teasing and light flirting

Both men and women use teasing and flirting as a way of telling someone that we like them. Don’t take offence if she is making fun of you, she wouldn’t be doing it if she didn’t like you.

3. Making eye contact

Watch out for the eyes, guys, because maintaining eye contact for longer than usual, will normally mean that she wants to talk to you and this is another one of signs that a girl likes you. It’s an invitation that women use all around the world to signal their interest. If she’s not interested, she will look away and that’s a pretty universal ‘no thanks, I’m not interested’ signal too.

4. She shares personal information with you

The more she likes you, then the more she will be willing to share information about her with you. Try sharing some of your likes and dislikes with her. If she shares some of hers with you in return, then that’s a really good sign that she likes you.

5. She is playful with her hair

Playing with the hair is another one of signs that a girl likes you. If she tosses her hair, or gently plays with it when she’s talking to you, then that’s a really good sign. Just be careful the she’s not viciously twisting or pulling her hair out by the roots, though, that’s a sign that you make her nervous or that she’s bored senseless!

6. Licking the lips

If she’s licking her lips, then that’s an unconscious signal that she’s making to you, it’s one of those signs that a girl likes you. She’s drawing your attention to her lips and by that suggesting that a kiss isn’t out of the question, so definitely keep an eye out for this one.

7. She listens attentively to you and wants to know more about you

If she wants to get to know you better, then she will listen to what you have to say. She wants to keep the conversation going, so she will ask questions too and prompt you for more information about yourself.

8. She adopts open postures

There is a distinct difference in the way that someone who likes you stands. If they want to get to know you better then they stand in an open posture, in front of you, which says that she trusts you. If her arms are folded and she is standing at an angle to you, then it’s more of a guarded stance that she is saying that she wants to keep her distance.

9. The head tilt and smile

Head canting, as the scientists called it, is the tilting of the head to one side, usually accompanied by a smile, and this is a sign that you have caught her attention and, by exposing her neck, she is subconsciously telling you the she trusts you and that it’s OK to come closer.

10. She gives you her number

Come on guys, you can’t miss this signal, surely! If she gives you her personal phone number, then get on with it and call her, that’s what a phone number is for.

Do you know some other signs that a girl likes you?

Stay happy!

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