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Guys, 5 Ways To Make Your Woman Desire You

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Do the robot

When men dance, anything can happen: the good, the bad and the ugly. Whatever your style though, make sure you get up and give it a go. Dancing is an easy way for women to gauge your personality. It’s simple to see who is arrogant and who is shy on the dance floor, which will mean that you’re more likely to get a good match. Whether you think you’re a good dancer or a terrible one, remember this: those who dance symmetrically are considered to be more attractive. So make sure your moves are even the next time you do the robot or the Macarena.

Get an Aston Martin V12 Zagato

It may not be fair, but if you want the girl you like to notice you, you need to get some status. Women are attracted to men with money, power and success. They’re biologically wired to pick up on signals that suggest you possess any of these things. So what about if you don’t have money, power or success? Don’t worry. You just need to act like you do. Never put yourself down in front of the girl you like and act confident, not cocky. Dress well when you see her and don’t seek approval when you give an opinion. You need to seem very sure of yourself to win the status game.

Eyes for her only

Every single person has at least one thing they are insecure about, whether it is an issue with weight, nose size or something a little bit more intimate. That’s why, in a potential date scenario, you need to make sure that you have eyes only for the girl you’re chasing. If a stunning girl struts by in a tight skirt and long tanned legs ignore her and focus on the girl you’ve be daydreaming over. If you can, turn your back on the hot woman and look into the eyes of the girl you’re trying to get. She’ll pick up on this and feel great, whilst you’ll be moved onto her list of potentials.

Make her laugh

Guys who can make women laugh rarely fail to pull. Even ugly guys get with gorgeous girls if they can make a few jokes.  Apparently, women love funny men because they consider them to be more honest and more intelligent than their non-funny friends. If you’re not naturally a guy who can make people laugh, don’t pull out the joke book, it will knock your confidence back to the dark ages when your knock-off joke fails. Instead try to think of funny things that have happened to you or TV shows that make you laugh. Talk about these things instead.

You time

It’s harsh but pay attention to this advice: no-one will want you if you don’t like yourself. Confidence is the biggest turn-on for women and if you don’t have enough of it you won’t be able to pull or enjoy a relationship. This is something that a lot of guys forget about, but it’s important. Dating is vicious and the more knock-backs you receive the lower your confidence gets. Build your confidence by making time for other things in your life; a new project, a new sport or hobby. Something that makes you feel great no matter what is happening in your life.

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