Hausa Christian Youth Rise With Fresh Resolve To Secure Future Of Northern...

Hausa Christian Youth Rise With Fresh Resolve To Secure Future Of Northern Nigeria

By Opinions | The Trent on November 17, 2019
Hausa Youth Conference The Trent
A cross section of participants at the 2nd Hausa Christians National Youths Conference held in October 2019 in Kaduna.

Hausa youth in Nigeria came together, at the 2nd Hausa Christians National Youths Conference in October 2019, resolving to apply more zeal and passion in depending the gospel.

In a communique issued after the 3-day conference which held in Kaduna from October 10 through 13, 2019, the Hausa Christian youth committed to entrepreneurship, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and condemned the killing of Nigerians across the country.

The conference called for the release of Leah Shabiru and other innocents in the captivity of Islamist terrorists across the Nigeria and committed to securing the future of Northern Nigeria.

Read the full statement signed by Evelyn B. Kaburuk, the communiqué committee secretary and Joshua Jydson Danlami, the president and founder of the Hausa Christians Foundation.



The 2nd Hausa Christians National Youths Conference of the Hausa Christians Foundation, HACFO, Held at Jacaranda Farms Events and Conference Centre Kaduna State under the theme Youths For Greater Kingdom Exploits (Daniel 11:32) was a huge success.

The conference was formally declared open on 10th October, 2019 at about 4:30pm with the opening charge by the Founder and President of the Foundation Ambassadors. Joshua Danlami Jydson. The timely conference was specially orchestrated by the Spirit of God to spur the National awakening of the Northern Nigeria especially the Hausa Land and to ignite a fresh zeal, fire and passion for a relentless and strategic kingdom impacts throughout the Hausa Lands of Nigeria.

In attendance at the Conference were Seasoned Ministers and Captains of Industries from within and outside Nigeria with many decades of experience of impacting lives around the world. More so, other very distinguished youths from more than 12 states of Northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole gathered in the unity of the Spirit to get empowered and go to change their societies positively for the Kingdom of God.

The conference had more than 300 people from all works of life in attendance. The Conference had 14 spirit filled sessions with 11 seasoned ministers as follows:

1) Pastor Charles Ikutuminu (USA)
2) Revd Shem Kantiok (Kaduna)
3) Bro. Yusuf Lengie (Kaduna)
4) Mr. Elisha Mamman (Kaduna)
5) Pastor Moses Abarshi (Kaduna)
6) Dr. Mrs. Victoria N. Omole (Kaduna)
7) Mrs. Comfort J. Bangoji (Kaduna)
8) Pastor Hannatu Samuel Ndebechukwu (Zaria)
9) Bishop Linus Midalla (Kaduna)
10) Engr. Habila John (Kaduna)
11) Ambs. J. D. Jydson (Kaduna)

Some of the resolutions adequately dealt with are:

1. Youths for Greater Kingdom Exploits.

It doesn’t matter how much we have done for the Kingdom of God, there is a greater dimension of greater Kingdom Impact that God expects from all the Hausa Christian Youths and other Christian Youths of Northern Nigeria. All youths should go and fulfill their glorious destinies no matter the challenge or the persecution.

2. The Great Commission

The Hausa Land is ripe for the end time harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. And so, every Christian youth in Northern Nigeria must be strategically committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We must arise and go into all the Systems as commanded by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 28:16-20. We are to serve as the channels through which the Hausa land will come to the full Knowledge of Christ. In other worlds, we have an assignment to the Hausa land of Nigeria and beyond and to all that need to know about our Father’s love. It is a Great Commission that should be done with a Great Commitment.

3. Securing the Future of Northern Nigeria

So much evil is nurtured in the northern region of Nigeria which poses great threats to the future of the region if not stopped. For the interest of all and a better Northern Nigeria, Leaders of all types should stop nurturing and celebrating mediocrity on the basis of religious and tribal sentiments. Everything should be done on merit so as to encourage and promote excellence and dignity of labour.

4. Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

Battles are part and parcel of the human life and battles must be responded to strategically. We therefore call on all the Christian youths to remain focused and strategic in fighting and winning every battle. Every battle can be won if we remain focused on Jesus. We are therefore admonished not be carried away by all the distractions around us so as not to become victims instead of victors.

5. Taking Over the Future.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it. All Hausa Christian Youths must never be entangled by our past experiences. We must begin to prepare and take over the future with full confidence. We are meant to be the head in everything and never the tail; above only and never beneath. As Christians, Relevance is our Birthright and so the need to remain obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit as he leads us to the right path. We must shun all the effects of slavery that have caged our minds and be committed to taking full responsibilities of our future.

6. Embracing Entrepreneurship

Christian Youths are the light of the world; they are leaders that should take over all the mountains of influence such business, media, IT, arts and lots more. We should shun all forms of unproductiveness and overdependence on the government and engage in profitable ventures that will liberate us economically. Acquiring certificate is not enough, we must engage in profitable businesses that reciprocate our certificates. The time of staying and waiting for jobs is therefore, over, we must start creating jobs and become productive to the society.

7. The Need for the Government for the People, of the People and With the People

We call on all the political leaders of all levels to be practicing what they preach. They should lead by example in full adherent to the rule of law. All the citizens of Nigeria should be treated with dignity and all leaders should learn to see criticism as a call to do the right thing. All citizens deserve just treatments; protection of lives and properties should be the drive behind every political office holder in Nigeria. There is a danger ahead if some people continue to pose themselves as above the law while those who constructively criticize the government are hunted down and treated with no dignity.

8. Leah Sharibu and Co. Deserve to be Freed.

We as the National Conference of the Hausa Christian Youths strongly urge as well as plead with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Mohammadu Buhari, to act as a father and a president to all, to ensure that Leah Sharibu, Alice Ngadah and many others in Islamic detention for her refusal to deny their faith in Christ to be rescued alive and reunited back to their families. Leah Sharibu, Alice Ngadah and host of others are not just Christians, but citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We therefore plead with the Federal Government of Nigeria to do everything within its power to ensure the release of these precious Nigerians for them to enjoy the life given to them by their creator.

9. Killing of the Precious Lives of Nigerians in Many Parts of Nigeria must stop!

The conference rejects the continuous indiscriminate killings of Nigerians and the seemingly incessant kidnapping that has become a business venture especially in Northern Nigeria. We therefore urge the Federal and States Government of Nigeria to as a matter of urgency do everything possible within its power to ensure that the killings stop and the perpetrators are brought to book. The security of lives and properties of the nation should not continue to be politicized. Lives of Nigerians should be held sacred by all people.

10. Finally, HACFO is committed to a united, better and committed Hausa Christian Youths who will take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way to give birth to a new breed of productive and responsible minds in the Hausa land.

The Conference came to an end with a Worship Concert on the 13th of October 2019 at about 3:30am

Dated this 13th day of October 2019 at Jacaranda Farm And Events Centre Kaduna State

1. Sis. Evelyn B. Kaburuk
(Communiqué Committee Secretary)

2. Ambs. Joshua Jydson Danlami

[email protected]
[email protected]
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