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8 Things Your Hairstyle Says About You

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Decode your inner woman with this personality test based on your hairstyle.

1. Short – Short cropped styles are associated with intelligence and a straightforward attitude. Some younger girls go in for a classic shorter style (think Jackie O) for a more mature look.

If you have a short bob or a very short hair, it also signifies an attitude that screams gender equality!

2. Shoulder length – Classy and strong, the medium length girl exudes a powerful aura about her and is thought of as a perfect blend of beauty and brains. She enjoys being flattered and doesn’t bother hiding it.

3. Long-Well maintained long hair scream sensuality and confidence.

But women with long hair that’s not well kept sends out a totally different signal. It could either connote a not so meticulous person or somebody who’s desperately trying to cover her body with her hair.

4. Wavy curls-Waves stand for cheery playfulness and this girl is mostly likely a happy person with a great self esteem.

5. Straight and long – Straight and long on the other hand signify sophistication and a professional attitude.

6. Ponytail – ‘Don’t mess with me’ is what the ponytail girl is all about. Practical, no-nonsense and super poised, she is ready for any challenge hurled at her.

A ponytail worn above the head signifies energy and supreme confidence.

7. Bun
– A bun that’s not so stylish and worn too tight gives off the impression of a slightly detached and even cold sort of a girl who’d rather be left alone or trouble her at your own risk!

8. Layered styles – Girls with layered styles often have a fun side to their personality and a rather demure side too. The best part is they can switch between the two with so much ease, you’d wonder if they have multiple personality disorder!

With this personality test you can peek into the personalities that girl who is flirting with your guy, a competitive colleague or your boss who is not easy to please.

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