Transformational Teacher Harry Benjamin Talks About His New Book Of ‘Thoughts’

Transformational Teacher Harry Benjamin Talks About His New Book Of ‘Thoughts’ [INTERVIEW]

By Ima Matthew | Sub Editor on July 6, 2019
Harry Benjamin
Dr. Harry Benjamin

Harry Benjamin, a medical doctor, businessman, and transformational teacher recently published a book, ‘A Book of New Thoughts’ which has generated passionate conversation in the religious community in Nigeria. The book, one of the additions to the consciousness movement, has received mixed reactions from Christian leaders and religious thinkers. Our Executive Editor, Aziza Uko recently interviewed, with this phenomenal spiritual teacher, in which he espoused a range of topics from the book. Please note that words that start with caps in the middle of sentences are for emphasis by Dr. Harry. Enjoy!

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Interesting question. Well, there is my Higher Self which is beyond description and a little would not suffice at an attempt of a description…[smile]. The egoic self or little self can easily summarized into a little bit. I am a Jamaican born naturalized US citizen. Grew up in Jamaica and started adult life in the medical field, and transitioned soon after into being an entrepreneurin the automobile Industry. I later spiralled into different types of businesses and have now grown into my calling, currently as a transformational teacher, speaker, life coach, and philanthropist.

Q. How has your experience living in Nigeria been?

It has been an excellent one! Enthralling, educational, highs and middles, bringing me a wide array of life experiences, some of which are unparalleled in my sojourn so far. The challenging parts of being in Nigeria has birth some awesome and amazing qualities which I am deeply grateful for. Being in Nigeria has helped me fine tune my vision to see my mission on this Earth very clearly. The kindness I have been shown and the friends I have made have left me with gratitude that knows no boundaries. Naija to the world! 

Q. What is your central intention for writing your book, “A Book of New Thoughts”?

The primary purpose is to engender an awareness that Peace and Joy are natural states of our being, and are independent of our experiences of any life situation or circumstance. Included in my intent, is to make it clear that looking for them anywhere else, than within our hearts and soul, will be wilderness journey.

Q. It appears you are espousing a new religion from the teaching in your book. Is this the case?

No. In fact, I embrace the Principles of Truth in all major religions and some reading will have a hard time figuring out which religion I “belong to”. As such it can appear to some that a new one is required. We certainly do not need a new religion. However clarity about the Principles or Laws of Truth are needed by each of us, so that we can know what is True and be free from beliefs, perspectives and points of views about God, which in large part is what religion tends to offer us. Religion in its purest sense is the study back to God. We have had so many over millennia, and each has a clear pathway that when followed correctly have the same destination, God as us.No doubt a lot of confusion abounds as to where to go and what to do, leading an increasing lot to feel a sense of despair and loss of hope. I became aware of Our Enlightened Nature during my own search for clarity, and this awareness sets us Free from religiosity and simultaneously births unimaginable Peace and Joy. Thus my reason for allowing this book to come through me, is the spreading of the awareness of what we are doing incorrectly and practical steps that any sincere individual can apply and prove for themselves that Peace and Joy is not of this world. Thus, A Book of New Thoughts.

Q. What is your religious belief?

It shifted over the years of my life experiences, and the last on I had was agnostic. As I became aware of Our Enlightened Nature, the need for a Belief System (B.S.) naturally fell away with its advent. I now Know what, who and whose I am.

 Q. Is this another “New Age” book?

No. It is not intended to try to switch anyone from what their belief system is to another B.S. The objective is to clarify ways in which we bind ourselves into knots and rob ourselves of the free gifts of the Spirit of our Life, namely Peace and Joy. It is for clarity about the practical day to day things we do and a realization of the Truth of our Being. In other words, returning to our Natural unadulterated State of Being.

Q. You coined a new word in your book, RACRONYM, what is that?

Acronym is a well known word. Taking the first letters of words and saying it to shorten a phrase, example NBA – Nigerian Basketball Association. Racronym is the reverse of this process and there was no known word to describe this, for example the Racronym for the word NOW is – NaturalOmnipresentWindow. Thus I followed my inspiration to create the word RACRONYM.

Q. Could you explain the levels of consciousness around which you structured the concepts in your book?

The first is Victim Consciousness, which is the starting point for us all. This is us, mistakenly seeing life situations, circumstances, and others as against us. Life is hard until we die… this is a cruel harsh world, are favored dirges. Second is Manifestor Consciousness. This is the birthplace of responsibility for one’s life and hope for a brighter outcome here and now, begins to take root.  Here we move from being under life to being on top of life. This is a control freaks terrain. We adapt very well to life situations or circumstances and realise that Life is for us and was never against us. Third is God Using Us Consciousness. This is where we act in concert with Life/God. We are not under Life, nor on Top, this is the Orchestra season and a perpetual waltz of Oneness. Fourth is God as US. Getting a copy of the book, will make clear these areas and also help ones ascent through them.

Q. Chapter 2 – S.E.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N. Can you please explain more on the concept?

This is the root cause of ALL the problems in the world. SomeoneExperiencingPainful Apparent Restrictions Abandoning Their Inherent Omnipotent Nature.  – S.E.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N.  We each have a Supernatural Power called Choice. And when we choose to believe we are separate from our Source of all Good things, in this case we may say that Source is God, the Power of our choice has in it the laws for the fulfilment of the choice made. If we choose to believe a lie, we will experience it until that lie is neutralized. Thus Knowing the Truth is paramount, because only there can we find lasting Freedom. A comprehensive study of the book, will make it clear how S.E.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N. plays a vital part in ALL the pain and suffering we experience in the world.

Q. Your book says that we can be happy no matter our circumstances. How do you place this doctrine in a war torn region, for instance. Or a place ravaged by famine. How would people surrounded by what appears to be an endless chain of devastation, misery, death, tears to be happy regardless of their circumstances?

Very good point. That there is human suffering is unquestionable. If our ultimate identity is human then, Peace and Joy are fleeting and is here one moment and gone the next. Unknown to most is that those of us living in those situations have the gift of Peace and Joy at the center of our Being, and while it is very challenging to maintain awareness of our Peace and Joy with so many distractions abounding, it is possible to feel the Peace and Joy from within and disallow the temptation of a human identity to take precedence over it.

For example Dr, David Hawkins had two major operations performed on his body without any anaesthesia whatsoever and was relaxed and conversing with the doctors and assistants throughout. It is only through transcendence of our human nature (remembering our Spiritual Identity) that we will realize that Peace and Joy comes not from the world of wars, famines, and what we see as devastation. Should we rush to help those dealing with these circumstances?

Yes! As grotesque as these experiences of life have been, they have passes by leaving our Spirit untouched and untarnished regardless of what we have been through over the millennia. It is the awareness of Our Enlightened Nature that makes this clear.

A mixed lens of us as humans and God as us, blurs our vision and brings experiences born out an error of Identity. As more of us awake to Our Enlightened Nature, the wars will continue to reduce, those in need of food will be fed and taken care of by those who appear to have more.

I believed I came to Nigeria 5 years ago to make money and go back to the US. And as the Spirit in me birth my mission, I have led a handful of partners to take money from our own pockets and have so far given out over 3,000 cooked meals to people living on the streets (mission is ongoing). These brothers and sisters of ours, are those that temporarily do no know the Truth about themselves, and thus live as prodigal sons and daughters.

As an extension of this we are very close to finalizing a building to be our Foundations first model home of taking homeless people from the streets to feed, clothe, shelter and educate them about the Truth of their Being. Teach them skills so that they move from societal dependency to contributors to the collective advancement of us all.

Being awake and aware of our True Essential Nature answers these ills. Expanding our Awareness to remember Our Enlightened Nature, results in the realization that the world cannot take our Peace and Joy, we therefore move from sympathy about famines and wars affecting human beings, and we now become empowered and emboldened to go into the world and be the agencies of change and transformation to rid our planet of the insanity that allows for the experiences of such maladies. Hence, A Book of New Thoughts, a portion of my part in the healing of the sense of S.E.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N. .

 Q. We’ve read parts of your book and can’t help wondering how you came to some great wisdom? Would you attribute this to your teachers or to direct revelation?

Revelation. I have read numerous books, and have many teachers. However, the study of books and listening to teachers, merely draws out what is already within us. All of us have everything we need, including GREATNESS, already  loaded and coded within as a natural part of our Being. We cannot add to ourselves, we simple need to mature to the point of allowing the Great Grand Being that lives at the center of each and every one us, to be Free to express Itself by means of us. Revelation is happening for everyone at all times, we just need to tune in to the right frequency – GOD FM.

Q. Some of the terms you described in your book appear to be esoteric and out of the grasp of regular people. Don’t you think so?

When I was coming up the ladder and reading books, I always had handy, and it helped me gain clarity and expand my vocabulary. Don’t let any word that you do not understand slip by you, get on you smart phone and let it show you how smart it is., powerful tool!

Q. Which of your life experiences would you say transformed you the most?

Going to places like Ajegunle, Kirikiri, Alakija, Mowe, Mushin, Akute etc to support partners in our MLM business and seeing the poverty that people lived in. It pained me so much that it gave birth to the desire to be the solution to that problem. 

Q. What are your top 5 favourite racronyms from your book?


Q. What would you say is at the core of the spiritually awakened life?

Expression and expansion to reveal more of God’s Infinite Nature as our lives and experiences. 

Q. Your book entitled, “A Book Of New Thoughts”. Where can our readers pick up a copy?

Hard copies available from myself viadeliveryacross Nigeria, plus an eBook at (search for A Book of New Thoughts).

We can also say lookout for the major bookshops in Lagos for starters. Need to finalize with them.


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