How An Email Verifier Helps You Reach More Customers

How An Email Verifier Helps You Reach More Customers

By Wires | The Trent on August 10, 2018
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Have you ever wondered if the email addresses in your list are even valid? Do they belong to genuine subscribers or are they fake accounts? It’s time to take a deep look into that list. How can you know that the emails you’ve collected are not fake, inaccurate or bot-created? The fastest way to find out is by using an email verifier. 

What is an email verifier?

The primary goal of an email verifier is to get rid of all the bad email addresses that ended up in your list.

Email verification has different levels of complexity:

  • Standard email verification: this process carries out fundamental tests to detect whether any unwanted email addresses have signed up on your list. It only looks for the syntax of an email. It makes sure that the email has an @ symbol and a domain name. Anything that looks like this:[email protected] can pass the validity test if you use a standard email verifier. It assures that an email is in the correct format.
  • Advanced email verification: this is a more thorough approach. The email verifier instantly recognises invalid email addresses by using different algorithms and running tests. It sees beyond the syntax to identify whether the email is valid and safe and looks deeper to spot the irregularities that the naked eye cannot. It’s like an X-ray machine for emails. Its best quality is that it checks for inappropriate names too. Any email address that has a vulgar word in it is rejected instantly. It checks whether the email is working by sending a verification message through real time signalling technique. An advanced email verifier also examines the domain to ensure it is valid and safe.
Benefits of using an email verifier:
  • Lower marketing costs as the emails reach valid and active inboxes.
  • Lower bounce rates and better chances of connecting with your subscribers.
  • No time is wasted on invalid emails as they never revert. Only interested people receive the emails, which means higher sales, higher brand value and better reputation.
  • Less deliverability issues.
  • You can customise your emails according to the recipients’ need.

Using an email verifier has become a necessity for everyone who owns an email address, but especially for businesses and individuals that frequently send email blasts.

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