How Betting Sites Work On Mobile Devices

How Betting Sites Work On Mobile Devices

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on April 10, 2019
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Once upon a time, sports betting and other forms of gambling could only be done at licensed betting shops and casinos. But now, with the era of smartphones upon us- you can bet from the comfort of your own home using your mobile phone. Of course, this makes the game much more accessible- but the experience differs from that of a physical establishment (in a good way). What is it that is making mobile betting so increasingly popular?

Online betting allows even those who work busy lives to place bets on sports games. Before mobile betting apps existed, if you couldn’t make it to the betting shop because of work, children, or other commitments- you couldn’t play. Now, bets can be placed in a matter of seconds. This is amazingly convenient. Even those who have the time to visit a betting shop are shifting over onto mobile apps, because why make betting more cumbersome than it needs to be?

There is no interaction between a player and a ‘dealer’ on these apps, which are all ran by computer software. One of the great things about mobile betting is that individuals can place ‘in play’ bets on sports. This is something that has shifted many people over to mobile app betting. This is because ‘in play’ bets mean that you can place a bet after the game has actually already began. This adds a whole new level of strategy to betting and allows people to make more informed bets based on how the game is panning out.

Mobile Specific Odds

Another reason as to why so many people use mobile app betting nowadays is the odds. More often than not, odds are slightly better online than in the shop. The better the odds, the more likely it is that you’ll be making money. On top of this, it’s much easier to compare odds online than it is using physical shops. With new betting sites, you can open an account with multiple betting websites and check the odds on each site before placing your bet. It may sound silly, but even the slightest increase in odds can put money in your pocket. For that reason, many people are taking their betting to their phones- where they can really spend their money wisely.

Unlike physical betting shops, mobile betting apps and sites often offer perks to their customers to encourage them play and to keep playing. These perks can come in many forms. Some sites offer a free bet to new customers, or add some extra funds to players account when they deposit a certain amount. Often, players can earn cashback on losses, enter prize draws and even win tickets to sports events so that they can see the action in real life. These are bonuses that you’d never get in a real betting shops so many people are taking to their mobiles to reap the rewards.

Mobile betting apps are a good step forward in the world of gambling, so long as customers use a reputable app. Not only are they super convenient, customers can place live bets, use better odds and take advantage of extra perks. Plus, there is much more variety with mobile betting. Bets aren’t confined to the major sporting events as they are in physical shops. Through apps, people can bet on almost any sporting event imaginable and at any level.

In the future, mobile betting will surely dominate the gambling world.


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