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Gaming: How Path Of Exile Became The King Of ARPG?

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]fficially released in 2013, Path of Exile (in short PoE) is a free-to-play ARPG video game brought to you by Grinding Gear Games. It successfully the relives the essence of the older Action Role-playing games and updates it to a more present-day framework and brilliant experience that’s both entertaining, fun, and visually appealing. Like Diablo 3, Path of Exile hasn’t the same crisp of graphic design, but it shines explicitly in its character system. The more you play, the more you engage in it, as your selected character start to grow in the game, unlike many other similar titles where the character creation will be settled after a specific level. As with the release of its Expansion Pack, Fall of Oriath, Path of Exile has enjoyed a massive crowd of active players. However, its bit surprising that after passing four years since its official release, the game still comes at Top ten list of best-played games by players on Steam.

Not every Action Role-playing Game is the same

Besides a considerable number of active players, the game introduces many unique qualities that make it bit different than its peer. For example, if you’re hunting for a game that shares the formula of Diablo but want the character customization in the game and wish for some game to take years off your life, then this game is made for you.

With the existence of Diablo 3, it’s thoroughly mad to think that F2P Path of Exile game becomes an inspiration for the genre. The massive budget and colossal selling sequel to Diablo 2 video game was some king of release that almost absolved the market of Action Role-playing for years, similar to how WoW conquered the market of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing space. When Path of Exile was released, from the starting points, players have preferred it over Diablo II due to it’s unique gameplay dynamics and PoE currency mechanics.

It has become something special

The stating journey of Path of Exile is recognizable today, although it still had that one of the ARPGs that is shining through. Diablo III is considered as an AAA video game in terms of both combat and visual design. But Path of Exile isn’t, then what kind of this game, a gradually increasing competition that has built upon several updates after one after. Since the ended of the open beta phase, the game was entered an official release in 2013 and has released over 251 patches to the game. Definitely, not all patches are maintained the balance modifications or massive content addition, but lots of them were completely free.

An Exquisite Adventure

In the start, the game sets out player on an epic adventure through the treacherous shores, jungles of Wraeclast and prisons to hunt down the Vaal Oversoul, the final boss of the game. However, after completion of these objectives, the player would do it all over again and again, similar to that of Diablo II, which increases the level of difficulty and penalty for each run until the final level.

The game has deep has most in-depth mechanics that you may have never seen for in other Action Role-playing games. Surprisingly, you can do so many things in the long-running game, and you can participate in these activities anytime. The most prominent feature of the game is its map system, and all the maps are focused on the ingenious concept that let the developers of the game to recycle bosses, enemies, and their helpers in its world. Therefore, when you load up the map in Path of exile, you’re directly teleported to a themed section of the world with its unique map system where a boss awaits you at the end.

A Skill Tree – You have Seen Before

The thing you might only know about Path of Exile is that it has a skill tree. Though, it is even accurate to call the skill tree when required, a passive tree. Skills are split into gems in the Path of Exile that can be turned into items and changed by varying supports to change how they act, while the passive tree serves as a skeleton that lines the core of the opted avatar. During the game, the player risks the lives of the character several times in these brutal labyrinths and attempt to attain power beyond the normal scope of the character. The game set ultimate risk rewards for hardcore players as well.

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