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How To Find The Pleasure Spots In Your Man

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Not the obvious hotspots, but there are some spots which if you identify can make your man go bonkers with experiencing maximum erotic pleasure.

The body gets its maximum pleasure from the senses and touch makes all the difference when it comes to experiencing erotica. While a lot is said about the male G spot, it varies from man to man on which part of the male body gets titillated the maximum.

If fathoming the man’s contentment is through his stomach – by good and tasty food, one’s way of excellent foreplay depends a lot on identifying his erotic hotspots that will make him experience the pinnacle of pleasure during your course of intimacy. Here’re some places where you can make your man feel absolutely titillated and sexually moved.

Back: The G spot need not be centrally located. There are various pleasure hotspots which one can find out. Caress the back gently with your lips, better still with your tongue. Moist tongue or lips will move your partner and the gestures and emotional currents themselves will tell you whether that touch was a major turn on or not.

Mouth: A kiss indeed sums it up beautifully. And it is this kiss – the lips, the tongue and the pleasure while the lips gently give each a peck that one can know how the touch of the lips turns your man on. Make it a gentle affair with your lips first and then let your tongue explore those lips and the mouth to make him feel the hotspot.

Ears: Not an obvious hotspot, but ears are where lie the points which if titillated can work wonders in your foreplay. Move your tongue close to your ears and explore the outer parts of his ears first gently and do it vigorously if you see him getting turned on.

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