How To Wear A Dress And Sneakers: 3 Stylish Outfit Ideas

How To Wear A Dress And Sneakers: 3 Stylish Outfit Ideas

By Style | The Trent on March 3, 2020
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When you wear a dress, you might not even consider putting on your comfy sneakers. But why not? Learn how to wear a dress and sneakers flawlessly!

While it might be cool and cold now, the warmer months of spring and summer are just around the corner, and maybe even sooner than we expect. That means you’ll need to be getting yourself ready with a brand new wardrobe.


You might want to have a few nice outfits picked out, but let’s not forget that the warmer months are all about being comfortable and casual. Often, that might mean through on a dress and sneakers and calling it a day. No complaints here!

How can you rock this look and keep it fresh through the season? Read on and we’ll offer a few key suggestions.

1. Fancy Dress and White Sneakers

Let’s face it: high heels are not fun to wear. You might get a little extra oomph out of those few inches, but when it comes to summer fun? You’ll be better off leaving them in the closet.

That doesn’t mean you have to put away your nicer dresses though. Pairing a pretty midi dress with a pair of white sneakers is a look that even A-list celebrities could die for. The dress itself elevates your look while a pair of classic white kicks brings it back to Earth.

This is what street style is all about, and best of all? It’ll only take you like two minutes to put it all on.

2. Varsity Dress and Nice Shoes

Want to give this classic summer look a more sophisticated feeling? All it takes is picking out the right dress and shoes. Going for a straight-laced varsity dress will give an air of carefully curated professionalism.

Pair your university-student look with a pair of nice Gucci shoes or sneakers and you’re bound to be the talk of the town. This look is also all about accessorizing, so you’ll want to find the right bag to throw over your shoulder and the pair of glasses that screams late-night study addict.

Throw your hair up into a messy bun and you’ll have a totally unique thing going on.

3. Something Loose and Slip-Ons

The summer is the time to embrace your inner hippie and let loose. Maybe literally loose, if you want to embrace this amazing dress-and-shoe outfit idea.

An excellent chill look can come from pairing a less than form-fitting bohemian frock with a pair of casual slip-ons. This look is about the most comfortable feeling you can imagine, and if you can pull off ‘laid-back’ it’s sure to make you look amazing as well.

If you want to upgrade the classiness just a bit, pair it with a hat or sunglasses to show just how casual and comfortable you can really be.

The Best Dress and Sneakers Looks

You only need two ingredients to make the perfect look this upcoming spring: a dress and sneakers. The above ideas are just a few of the amazing ways to model these looks and appear your best.

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