‘I See Nigeria Splitting Into 5 Countries, One Is Islamic Caliphate Of...

‘I See Nigeria Splitting Into 5 Countries, One Is Islamic Caliphate Of Nigeria’ – Prophet

By Opinions | The Trent on October 26, 2015
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I have a dream that the ongoing blood letting by Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram, will come to an end and will surprisingly usher in, an era of peace, tranquility and progress for all parts of the present contraption called Nigeria.

I have a dream that a “Nigerian Goberchev” will arise and break the fraudulent/imposed geographical contraption into 5 (five) viable countries as follows:

1. Biafra (present Southeast zone) comprising the core Ndigbo,
2. O’odua (present Southwest plus Yoruba speaking areas of Kwara and Kogi)
3. Niger Delta (present South South),
4. Federation of Central Nigeria (present Plateau, Benue, some parts of Nasarawa, and Southern Kaduna),
5.Islamic Caliphate of Nigeria (the remaining parts of present Northern Nigeria).

Thenceforth, there will be no more religious riots nor senseless bloodshed of the present type typified by Boko Haram. Rather, the present northern elders will coalesce into the ruling oligarchy of the caliphate and their topmost emirs will be called Ayatollahs.

Meanwhile, the present contraption will metamorphose into an economic subregion rivalling ECOWAS, and with healthy economic rivalry between the emerging component nations.

I have a dream.

Ignis Iribhogbe is a prophet, an apostle of Jesus Christ, and a social commentator. He is a graduate of the University of Benin. Connect with him on Facebook and Google+

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.


  1. Don’t worry we are almost there. It is very clear right from the onset of APC conglumerates coming to power with GMB as its sole candidate which attracted several campaign of columny and spread of hatred along ethnic and religious lines. And we are vigil to how previous government assisted the spread of such, while on one hand anchord the continuetion of incessant killings in the north-east in the name of unknown group called “BH”. Everyone including you & me knew that, that acts alone has exposed the incubent concealment for splitting Nigeria according to religious lines. We’ve witnessed where Clergies, Elderstatemen, Militants, Political groups under the guise of protecting the integrity of Nigeria sopported actions of the previous government of Jonathan that almost realizes such dreams. But fact remain that, what we know today as NIGERIA is always upheld by the North, meaning, Nigeria’s existence is kept with the effort of one part of the country alone. Otherwise Nigeria woud’ve been history right from 1966. But the game continue and lastly everyone will have his way sooner or later without bloodshed. If the South wishes to have their country so be it. Sudan is alive today after the split….

  2. pls tell this prophet to sleep again maybe he will see better for this country. how a man calling himself a prophet does’nt see any good for his country except otherwise? weldone sir “prophet of doom”

  3. Go back to sleep. Probably when you wake up, the dream will become clearer and make sense. For now, it’s blurred, ludicrous, incongruent and confusing.

  4. Evil days are just being postponed. Nigeria project is a marriage of inconvenience. Various leaders in the past have tried to keep Nigeria as one entity but it is not working. We are just managing the situation. It is a matter of time. Let’s just thank God that the situation have not gone out of hand.

  5. No peace without justice. Nigerians on unity begging mission have never pause to ever ask why nigeria keep sustaining policies promoted by yoruba and hausa-fulani nigerian government to strangle Igbos economically and politically. Nigerians on unity begging mission have never ask why nigeria is attacking and fighting to suppress agitators and Biafra restoration movement instead to attack the reasons that gave birth to Biafra restoration movement. Nigeria unity begging missionaries, nigeria can never sustain peace and unity with guns and bullets as long Biafra youths are concerned. The British concept of 1 nigeria is not only dangerous but destructive. The unity begging nigerians the British idea of nigeria is not the idea of our ancestors and our ancestors where not consulted, they where forced to this unwanted unity. Biafra must continue as a nation as long as the sun, moon and stars is on the sky.

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