5 Effective Ways To Increase Engagement Using Social Media Videos

5 Effective Ways To Increase Engagement Using Social Media Videos

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on November 3, 2018
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Social media is all about grabbing attention, and attracting audiences towards your product, brand, or posts. Social media is the only platform that the customers use for giving feedback to various brands about their product. No matter what the target audience, social media is the root that connects businesses to their customers. But whenever we talk about the social media videos, the content and the quality of the video is what matters.

Whether you’re making a video just for the sake of putting it up as your Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook story, or either you are shooting for a YouTube video, you cannot compromise on the quality. It would be possible for you to attract more audiences only if your quality is speaking up for your brand. Also, make sure that the content you are posting is positive. You’re not going to get a lot of views on a negative content.

Another thing that matters a lot along with the quality is the engagement of the audience. How you are going to engage the audience to your stuff. Engagement is equally important. If the audience does not view your content, like or share it with others, your quality would be of no use.

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Tips for High Engagement
The Subject of your Content

When you want to attract more audiences towards your posts, you have to make sure that the topic or the subject of your content is liked by the audience. Only then they will view, like, and share your content with their friends. Also, your video will catch more views and Instagram followers if it is providing value to the customer in some way or get it from instaboostgram.com. You should target the right audience. The audience should feel like you are addressing them via your video.

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Length of the video

Another thing that matters is the length of the video. Social platforms like Instagram does not allow you to share a long video, whereas other platforms like YouTube allows you to share a detailed video covering every aspect that can provide information to the audience. You should know your audience, your target market, and you should make and shape your video accordingly.

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Effective Thumbnails

The initial stages of your video determine your views. Your thumbnail should be very unique and effective in a way that it should urge more and more people to view your content. People might be going through many videos and they find your thumbnail interesting. It would bring more audiences towards your website and you will eventually increase in views.

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Go native with your videos

Post your video on every social media. For example; posting a video on YouTube and then sharing the link to it on other social Medias won’t work. Post the same video on every social media application that you use.

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Use Hashtags wisely

You might think of hashtags as an unnecessary thing. But it is of great importance. Hashtags aren’t used for fun only. Sometimes when audience don’t remember your brand’s name, they use hashtags to search for your product. Hence it is essential to use hashtags wisely.


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