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India ‘Mother’ Politician Cleared Of Corruption Charges (PICTURED)

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A former Indian actress who appeared in over 100 movies and served as chief minister of the Tamil Nadu government for four different tenures between 1991-1996, 2002-2006, briefly in early 2011 and finally took over fully in late 2011-2014, Ms Jayaram Jayalalitha also known as India ‘Mother’ politician has been cleard of corruption charges.

Jayalalitha was convicted in September 2014 and sentenced to four years imprisonment by a trial court in India after she was found guilty of ammasing wealth that was allegedly unaccounted for.


According to the ruling, Jayalalitha embezzled about $10 million and had to quit her seat as chief minister of the southern state, Tamil Nadu.

In a twist of event Jayalalitha was on Monday, May 11, 2015 cleared of any involvement in the corruption scandal by an Appeal Court.

The judgement means she can return to her former position prior to been jailed as the head of Tamil Nadu government.

Ms Jayalalitha is reported to be one of the most colourful and controversial politicians in India. As soon as she was set free by the court, her supporters who had gathered outside the court in Bangalore started celebrating and rejoicing. Also gathered outside her southern city home in Chennai were supporters who reportedly started distributing sweets, shouting slogans and weeping in joy as soon as the verdict was given.

Three of her aides who had been convicted along with her were also cleared by the appeal court. The conviction in September 2014 had cut short her fourth tenure and she had picked party leader and loyalist O Panneerselvam as her replacement.

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