How The Internet And Mobile Applications Are Changing Modern Lifestyle

How The Internet And Mobile Applications Are Changing Modern Lifestyle

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on March 11, 2018
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FILE - This May 21, 2013 file photo shows an iPhone in Washington with Twitter, Facebook, and other apps. Tired of that friend or relative who won't stop posting or tweeting political opinions | AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

In this 21st century, the world is booming with a plethora of discoveries and advancements in every aspect and prospect. The globe has witnessed phenomenal and astonishing discoveries like “experiment to ascertain the formation of the universe using LHC”, “smartphones”, “moon and Mars mission”, “cure of cancer and AIDs” etc. But all such breathtaking, life-serving and indispensable discoveries wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. “Internet” itself is not a discovery, rather it’s a grace or invocation. It has proved itself to be a scaffold behind every genre.

Agree or not, most of us are aware of this quote by Mike Royko, “It’s been my policy to view the internet not as an ‘information highway’, but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies”, which is pretty agreeable from the practical point of view. None could simply blow away the fact that with the smartphone discovery, probability, feasibility, and achievability has intensified to a substantial amount. Though the same partially worked as a creeper, since it’s completely ineffectual and unserviceable without the internet.

 Internet, A Grace or Obscenity?

Abiding by the law of physics, nothing could be cent percent effectual and efficient. “Cons” are bound to be there if “Pros” exist. Same goes for “Internet” too. Almost 60% of the inhabitants are brainstorming in order to make the world a better habitat by implementing internet, whereas the rest are busy and engrossed in its dark side. But being laden with positivity, we would only discuss the positive outcomes that internet has rained upon us. Same goes for the readers too, don’t let those negative, impugning and contravening vibes engulf you, for a wise man once told: “Stay optimistic, stay healthy”.

Ever since its discovery, Internet has been like “Brahma” (the originator) for all sort of coinage. Be it from socialization to e-commerce, the internet has it all. Scientists and developers have left nothing unturned to provide the best possible outcomes that could certainly change the modern lifestyle.

Smartphone, Being The Scaffold of Modern Society

Certainly could sense that magical curve that has appeared on most the reader’s faces. Have you ever thought how much time you guys do spend with the same? We have to agree that most of us are literally obsolete without the smartphone. Have you ever felt being left alone (since your mobile has died due to battery draining) in the bus while rest of the passengers are busy playing games, listening to music, versing news or watching free movies on their smartphones? Frankly, we all agree that step without the same is nevertheless possible since it enacts as a versatile one by playing as a stress buster, entertainer, knowledge provider, updater, socializer, supermarket etc. Smartphone nowadays has become a one-stop solution for your every single query.

Smartphone Without Internet?

Do you need one such without the internet facets? Certainly, all of us will undoubtedly step back feet. A smartphone without internet is not at all canny and crafty. It’s same as those of Nokia 3310 which was released in 2000. Make calls, be happy. Play snakes, feel entertained. Bang it, feel like Thor (just kidding). Mobile internet has unquestionably opened up all the confinement, thereby pushing the limits of its functionality and efficacy.

Efficacy And Life-Changing Combo

Most of us have certainly guessed from the sub already. Yes, we are about to converse regarding the classic and ageless combo of smartphone and internet. Internet being integrated with phones have inevitably made the prospect to be boundless. And such thing is only possible with the joist of the mobile application. Widely used platforms like Android and IOS has provided its users with a plethora of options (in every genre) in disguise of applications.

Have a smartphone? Have the world in grasp via all those third party and native applications. If you open up the Play Store, you would certainly behold five categories which suggest – apps, music, movies, newsstand, books. The most interesting and happening segment is the “apps” category and you have numerous genres (beauty, arts, entertainment, dating, maps, health and fitness etc.) to select from.

Mobile Applications Being A Boon

Millions of mobile applications are floating on the App stores just to smoothen your journey with an ace. Be it from cab booking to shopping, from gaming to somber education, from dating to getting hitched, the store has it all. You are just a single click away from being plunged into a whole new world of ingenious smartness.

Being stuck in midst of an uninhabited place, speak out “OK GOOGLE” or “Hey Siri”. One of the following will undoubtedly be virtually present there to successfully assist you the way out.

Need an urgent vehicle for any sort of commutation or transportation? Opt for hassle-free services of Uber, Ola or Zoom car. No need to stand on the side of the road, and quiver your hands at those adamant and self-centered drivers. Apps got you covered.

Tired of standing in long billing queues at shops? Confused about selecting from handful choices? Opt for Flipkart and Amazon. Certainly, a humongous number of choices will be available to avail. Just add them to your cart according to your choices and check out by providing the payment details. Yes!!! It’s as simple as that.

Does The Classic Combo Help us Practically?

Indeed it assists us in every aspect of our life. Internet and mobile application have certainly provided our lives a whole new dimension. Each and everything that pops into your mind is soluble in this combo. And if you still doubt our content, do interact with your parents and grandparents who were deprived of such futuristic facilities. They would be able to convey it well since they have gone through those hiccups and hindrances that internet and mobile application have completely demolished. 


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