Are Iron-on Labels For Your Children Still Useful?

Are Iron-on Labels For Your Children Still Useful?

By Donna William | Lifestyle Editor on February 5, 2018
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Summer holidays are always fun for parents and kids alike but towards the end, parents start shopping for school stuff like bags, notebooks and shirts. One dilemma that always occurs around this time is what to use as name tags for the different articles of clothing that kids use throughout the school year.

Tagging books, bags and pencils are easy because you can always utilize name stickers to label them. Articles of clothing however need to be handled differently as they go through a mysterious process of removing dirt, which is known as laundry to some.

Labeling Clothing

In order to place labels on clothing, the following methods have been observed over the past few years.

  • Sewed On Embroidered Labels – this is the old-fashioned way of labeling things where practice your needlework in stitching your kids name directly on the article of clothing or to a small of piece of cloth that will then be sewed on.
  • Sewed On Handwritten Labels – the second method calls for you to sew on a small piece of cloth unto the article of clothing and then writing your kids name on it.
  • Name Stickers – since you will be printing out some name stickers for school supply labels, why not sew it on clothing or just stick it on directly and place a heavy item on it to make it stick.
  • Laundry Sharpies – these sharpies are water-proof and do not fade easily even after being washed over and over again. Just write down your kids name on one of the fabric tags and leave it to dry. It does have a habit of bleeding through the fabric.
  • Iron-on Labels – this labels can be pre-ordered online and all you need to do is lay it out on the article of clothing and press it with an hot iron a few times to make stick.

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Benefits of Iron-on Labels

Iron-on labels seem to be the easiest way to label clothing as you can just order it online and heat it to let it adhere. But other than convenience, here are some more benefits to using iron-on labels for clothes.

  • Waterproof and Durable – iron-on labels are commonly made with water resistant material that is also very durable, which ensures that the label does not fall off while in the wash.
  • No Sewing Required – iron-on labels don’t need to be sewed on to the article of clothing. Just press it with a hot iron a few times and it will adhere for a long period of time.
  • No Bleed-through – iron-on labels are designed and made with ink that does not bleed though even if it’s soaked for a long period of time.
  • Matches Any Fabric – iron-on labels can be made with any material that you prefer, be it satin or cotton, which means your label can match any fabric and will not feel off when brushed over the skin.
  • One-click Ordering – several online companies are now offering iron-on printing services where they can design and make the labels for you, matching your specifications. The only task you will need to worry about is ironing the labels on your kids’ clothes.
Are Iron-on Labels Still Useful?

The preceding benefits are some reasons why iron-on labels are still useful in today’s society. It makes the lives of parents easier and lets them organize their clothes better. While there are alternatives that can save a few cents, iron-on labels are the best option when it comes to labeling school clothes and other articles of clothing.


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