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Is Online Blackjack The Real Deal?

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]nline casino games have been digitally transformed over the past few years- a shift that has been accelerated recently and the temporary closure of casinos across the world. Gambling providers have been making great efforts to improve their online service to continue offering an authentic tabletop experience to their clients.

But is it as good as the real thing? Take a look below for our top reasons to get involved and explore the casinos of the future.

Atmosphere is Everything

The tone of a table is set by the dealer, and this dash of personality is often what is missing at machine casino games. Without them, the whole experience can feel clinical and purely mathematical- like you’re just dealing with a computer programme.

Fortunately in 2021 video dealers are a staple of most reputable gambling brands, offering a way to access the chat and atmosphere a traditional casino environment provides.

A video dealer will greet you at the table, congratulate players on winning pots and provide useful table information for players- the same as in a traditional casino.

A real dealer, at a real table, dealing real cards adds a level of showmanship that makes the casino a fun experience – almost like a performance. It provides an atmosphere that you just won’t find on a machine screen that soullessly flashes up digital cards.

There are plenty of online dealers to choose from, so you’re bound to find a host that fits your personality. There are even ‘sports lounge’ tables now available, where you can keep track of live sports events with knowledgeable dealers who will provide updates to the table whole they play hands.

Something for Everyone

There’s now such a range of options for online casino tables that you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs regardless of your level of experience.

You can select from hundreds of online tables to get exactly what you’re looking for. With bets ranging from £/€0.25 to £/€5,000, you participate at a level that is comfortable- rather than suffering from the high buy-ins found at many in-person casinos.

Keep Things Fair

Most automated gambling machines are mandated to be fair by local governments, but they can still be tampered with by owners to reduce payouts and disproportionately benefit the house.

Because of this, you should always gamble through a reputable provider to ensure you and the house are being dealt cards fairly, and have the best chance of winning.

You want a real person dealing a real deck, rather than an algorithm that is designed to pay out at a particular unfavourable rate. These programs allow the house to ensure they are always in the driving seat. Over time, reclaiming these odds may open up the possibility for greater profitability that would not be available under the payout guidelines of a shady computer program.

All reputable online casino platforms will be transparent with their RTP – that’s their “return to player” rate. If the RTP is 99.83, it means that for every £100 gambled on the platform an average of £99.83 is returned to players. You should be looking for an RTP rate of anything higher than 99.5% for a fair exchange.


With online casino experiences, you can take part in exciting games wherever you are. Most providers offer a mobile solution too, so you can even play on your phone or tablet on the go. With no travelling time or opening hours, online casino games are certainly the way to go for sheer convenience. You get to play on your own schedule and take back control of your gambling experience. Plenty of online gambling companies will offer a new customer bonus so you can try them out risk-free and see for yourself.

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