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Is There Good Sex In Marriage? 6 Must Know ’Sexrets’

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We often say that sex disappears after marriage. A loss of sexual activity can happen to anyone. A natural response you may have heard may sound like “No sex? Meh… It happens to everyone after marriage”. Everything is in your hands and just as you work out your wedding routine, you have control over your sexual life. With just a bit of effort, you can get that spark of passion that starts fading away.
SEXercise More!
Sex quality depends on your body shape and overall health. No one wants to have sex when they feel fatigue or have back pain, or can hardly take themselves to the kitchen. If you want to keep your sex drive high, you should keep fit. Physical exercises will boost your energy. Stretching is ideal before trying new positions. Jogging will help you control your breath. Work-out with your partner – the very sight of your sweaty bodies and stretchy pants will raise the heat, and keep your training going in the bedroom.
Ever Sexted?
Yes, you don’t have to be a teen to sext. Though you may think it’s a silly thing to do, statistics shows that almost one-third of married people have sent sexy messages or emails. Why don’t you try it with your significant other? Your hubby will be pleasantly surprised if you send a risky photo of you followed by an intriguing message. However, don’t cross the line in sexting. Do not sext while at work as it can put you or your spouse in an awkward situation. Do not cross the boundary – you know each other’s preferences and morals. Finally, do not save your sexts…just in case.

Be Initiative
Usually, married couples do not have sex – or have sex rarely when each of the partners is waiting for the other one to start. Each day something can be an excuse – bad weather, bad feelings, hard day at work, too late, friends invited for dinner… Remember that 42% of married men want their partner to initiate more. So you don’t have to be shy or hesitant. Initiate sex. Let your husband know he is hot and you want him in the spur of the moment. That feeling turns them on more than anything else.
Talk Sex with Each Other
Usually, you discuss sex when you start dating and want to know more about your partner. After you are married, you may think you know each other well enough, and there is nothing to talk about. Wrong! There is always something to say! Your partner may want to try something new. You may have been too embarrassed to talk about something previously, but now as you get closer, you may discuss taboos. Things change, and it’s good to discuss sex with your spouse to be sure you get the most of it and you are both satisfied. If you don’t know how to start a conversation try some ice-breakers like writing your questions on pieces of paper and answering them one by one. ‘Would You Rather’ is another one to play when you’re learning about intimate preferences.

Dress up for Sex
Do you still sleep in pajamas? PJs are usually sweet and cute – anything but sexy. Your husband does not see your femininity if you are dressed in cotton onesies. Want to have great sex? Forget about PJs. Leave them for PJ parties with friends. Try to sleep naked and feel each other’s bodies. Try a silky nightgown or lingerie. See what works better for you and what turns him on.
To make your sex better, you should not be afraid of sexperiments. Not everything will work for you, but you will make your sexual life more various and full of excitement. Try to role play so that you can forget that you’ve been married for years and get excited with your new selves. Experiment with positions and locations. Watch erotic videos together to get some ideas for positions. Also, don’t forget the good old quickies. Men are usually turned on by the element of spontaneity. Quick sex in unpredictable spots? Sounds like an adventure!

(via Her Beauty)

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