Jonathan Was Punished Because He Wanted To Liberate Nigeria – Awolowo’s Secretary...

Jonathan Was Punished Because He Wanted To Liberate Nigeria – Awolowo’s Secretary (VIDEO)

By News Desk | The Trent on October 3, 2015
Goodluck Jonathan APC PDP
President Goodluck Jonathan | Thierry Charlier/AFP/Getty Images

Former Secretary to late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Odia Ofeimun has stated that former President Goodluck Jonathan was kicked out of office by foreign powers because he wanted to truly liberate Nigeria from relative colonialism.

Speaking to Sahara TV, Ofeimun gave his thoughts on Nigeria’s status after 55 years independence from the European colonialists.

On the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, Ofeimun said so far, the President is further strengthening the North-South divide that was put in place by the colonialist.

Watch the video of the interview below:


  1. I wish he had spoken up earlier, that is, before the elections. Maybe it would have made a difference. Now we have a president who, after 4 months, is yet to release a complete list of his cabinet members, an economy in rapid decline, and more intensified boko haram killings. It’s late!

    • But, most recently, even Gen Obasanjo admitted that foreign powers does not want Jonathan
      and that if such powers does not want you, you must be kicked out .What this man has said is
      not new, we are still under the command and control of foreign powers.

  2. When will Nigerians come to the truth. I thank God that such came out off one of the well known person in Nigeria. May God help us to abide by the truth, which is only what can set us free from the bondage.

  3. It is very unfortunate to some Nigerian dat they have eyes but can not see, hears but can not hear, PMB is a stooge in the hands of the western powers, the same america dat denied us from producing the first female world bank president, the same america that refuse to sell weapons for nigeria, inorder to frustrate president GEJ they refuse to buy our oil, my question is what is the sin of Nigeria? Is because the admistration of GEJ refuse to be at their mercy and divert our economic tie to China, United State strongest rivals. Simply! may God Bless Nigeria

  4. He wil have come up with this since. The north need to be on their own that is all. The yorubal can also be on their own they are betrayal.

  5. He spoke my mind. I have posited on my Facebook that Nigeria should shift focus from our western traditional partners comprising United Kingdom, United States of America etc to a new allies that will include the State of Israel, China and Russia etc. The West are not reliable, their capitalistic interest is what dominate their relationship. On the issue of Nigeria, I share the same opinion with Chief Ofeimum that what breeds corruption, insecurity and Nigeria’s lack of development is the North/South divide, which is essentially tribalism. The inordinate desire of the core North to maintain political dominance on the governance of Nigeria is another reason why Nigeria has not made progress.

  6. I am ashamed to read that this man walked with Pa Awolowo, the great sage – really his statements negate the saying that when you walk with a wise man, you become wise. That the construction of a railway line is hidden from the west is preposterous – the West that knew how many times Jonathan slept with his wife every week, would not know that he was building a rail-line; that Cuba was helping Nigeria to wipe out malaria by building a “malaria factory” – malaria factory? What will malaria factory do to eradicate malaria – this is non-sense.

  7. According to an officer today,”shey una say GEJ na woman,and una want man as president? “Man done dey rule na,why una dey complain?”

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