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Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspiration: Right Believing Always Leads To Right Living

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Daily Grace Inspiration is a devotional that brings you the message of grace from Joseph Prince, the world celebrated TV preacher and pastor.

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things.” – Matthew 12:35

Most of us think that if we could just change our circumstances, we could have the lives we want. However, today’s scripture shows us that that is not what Jesus said. Do you see from His words that your life today is a reflection of what has been hidden and carried in your heart all this time?

If you don’t want your life to remain the same, the solution is not in changing your circumstances. It is in changing your heart, changing what you believe.

My friend, for every area of weakness, failure, or defeat that you may be experiencing right now, I assure you that there is some wrong believing in that area. Search the Scriptures for the truth. Your answer lies in right believing.

Now, commit this to memory: right believing always leads to right living!

Say it out loud for this is a powerful revelation you cannot afford to miss.

Let me share with you a powerful testimony of a precious brother in my church who struggled with a smoking habit. He had been smoking for many years and went through at least one pack of cigarettes a day. Besides feeling lousy every time he smoked, he felt condemned and constantly heard the voice of the accuser bombarding him with accusations:

How can you call yourself a Christian? Look at you—you are still a smoker! Give up, you hypocrite! You are not worthy to be a Christian.

The more he heard the accusations, the more he smoked. Though he tried to muster all his willpower to overcome this destructive habit, he just could not do it. He knew that his body was a temple of God, and he sincerely wanted to glorify the Lord, but there was no power to do so.

Then, he heard me preach on how the Holy Spirit is present in him to convict him of righteousness, and how the more he believed that he was righteous because of Jesus Christ, the more his behavior would line up with what he believed. So he began to confess this daily: “I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ,” even when he succumbed to the temptation and lit up. Every day, he would wake up, stare at himself in the mirror, and say, “I see a righteous man standing in front of me.”

This brother really believed that he was righteous, not because of what he did, but because of what Jesus has done. And the more he believed that he was the righteousness of God in Christ, the more his nicotine addiction faded.

He began to have a supernatural strength to cut down his daily tobacco intake within a short span of time. He began to replace the voice of the accuser that called him a hypocrite with the voice of the Holy Spirit that declared, “You are righteous in God’s eyes. God sees you as righteous as Jesus Christ today.”

The voice of the Holy Spirit became louder and louder until he finally heard only His voice, and one day he woke up and realized that the desire for cigarettes was no longer there! Hallelujah!

Can you see? Deliverance from destructive habits comes simply by believing the voice of the Holy Spirit and seeing yourself as the righteousness of God in Christ every day.

Just being faithful in believing and confessing, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ,” will cause a power to be released in your life that overcomes the bondage to cigarettes, pornography, alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Today is the day that the Lord will set you free from every lie, guilt, and condemnation that the accuser has been bombarding you with.

Please pray this prayer with me right now. My friend, let’s silence the voice of the accuser and allow Jesus to set you free to reign:

Lord Jesus, I thank You for the cross. I thank You that when You died for me, Your blood cleansed me from all my unrighteousness and the sins of my entire life. You are my Lord and Savior. I give You all my addictions (and/or bondages) today. I am sick and tired of being defeated and condemned by the accuser. Today, I confess that because of Your blood, I am right now the righteousness of God. By the supernatural strength and power of the Holy Spirit who is present to convict me of my righteousness, I will be reminded every day that I am the righteousness of God through You. Amen!

Joseph Prince is senior pastor of New Creation Church. He is a leading voice in proclaiming the gospel of grace around the world through his teaching resources and television ministry. He is known for teaching God’s Word in a fresh, practical and revelatory way that always unveils Jesus. Joseph Prince has daily television program, Destined To Reign currently reaches millions of homes across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Israel on both secular and Christian networks. Subscribe to Pastor Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspiration HERE.

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