El Rufai Labels Shi’ite Sect ‘Insurgent Group’ And Declares War On Its...

El Rufai Labels Shi’ite Sect ‘Insurgent Group’ And Declares War On Its Members

By Salisu Sulaimon | Sub-Editor on December 5, 2016
Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, Ibrahim Musa, Shiites
Members of Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a Shia group, demand the release of the group’s leader, Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky, who was arrested on December 14, 2015. | AP/Muhammed Giginyu

Nasir El Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has officially declares the largest Shi’ite sect in Nigeria, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, an “insurgent group”.

The declaration is contained in a white paper released by the Kaduna State government on Monday, December 5, 2016.

“For all intent and purpose, the IMN is an insurgent group and ought to be treated as such,” the government said in the white paper. “The sheer numbers of IMN members congregating in Zaria from across the country that night, with many bearing arms, was such that the Nigerian Army was in no position to accurately determine how armed and organised they were and had to be concerned on what their intention for Zaria was.”

The government also said the detained Shiite leader, Ibrahim El Zakzaky, will be held responsible for all acts carried out by the group’s members and went on to say that the IMN is not a registered organisation.

“The IMN is an unregistered organisation that cannot be sued. Therefore, all IMN members and its leadership are jointly and severally liable for all violations of the law in the last 30 years, and are therefore responsible for the clashes and its consequences,” the government said.

“Members of the IMN owe absolute loyalty to Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky. He therefore bears responsibility for all the acts of lawlessness committed by the organisation and should therefore be held responsible, fully investigated and prosecuted.”

In the white paper, the state government also indicated it may not prosecute the soldiers involved in the killing of over 300 members of the IMN in December last year, but may leave their prosecution to the federal government.

You may download the White Paper HERE.

Zakzaky has been detained since December 2015 by the secret police, the State Security Services, after being arrested in a midnight raid, along with his wife. The Nigerian Army invaded the Muslim cleric’s home after a street confrontation with some youth said to be members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

An Abuja court, last week, ordered his immediate release and that of his wife and awarded them N50 million damages for  violation of their human rights. The government has disobeyed the court order and Zakzaky remains in unlawful detention.


  1. The extermination of the Shia Muslim being one of the key demands of the Boko Haram sect, now being legitimately carried out by an elected government of a country unquestioned, leaves no doubt anymore that the Government of the day to the very top has become a direct official representative of the Boko Haram sect, or rather that Boko Haram has become the official government of the country and has been diversified into other branches like the Fulani herdsmen.
    The same El-Rufai, who could shamelessly admit to have bribed his fellow Fulani Herdsmen to stop killing his citizens in southern Kaduna rather than declare them Terrorists which they are, is here abolishing the Shia religion. This becomes even worse when he could openly claim that those Fulani herdsmen killing his citizens in southern Kaduna are from different other African countries. Basically armed foreigners invading and violating the territorial integrity of the Nigerian Enclave and instead of declaring war on them, El-Rufai and his fellow Fulani complots are paying them compensation (bribe).
    In reality EL-Rufai and his Fellow Fulani’s to the very top seems to bear more allegiance to their larger Fulani Nation which according to them is spread from Niger, Chad, Cameroon, etc. rather than to the Nigerian enclave where they claimed to have found Unity. By their election into government, the larger Fulani Nation has through them taken the rest of the Nigeria enclave hostage. Why for God sake do they claim to find oneness with the rest of the Nigerian enclave rather than their larger Fulani Nation as they steadily demonstrate? Oil?

    What a National handicap.

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