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Star Dancer, Kaffy Defends Sharing Her ‘Nude’ Photo On Instagram [LOOK]

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Star dancer Kaffy has replied critics who frowned upon her sharing “a nude photo” on social media.

The popular dancer, whose legal name is Kafayar Oluwatoyin Shafau, posted a picture where she posed seductively, sporting only a pair of black lingerie on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

“My body is my art. My canvas. My paintbrush. My instrument of expression,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.

Fans begun to to attack her, with some saying the photos were “inappropriate”.

Never-the-less, some of her fans supported her:

“For God’s sake, people are so dumb. So it’s only dancers that expose their body. No one is begging anyone to join kaffy so she can train them. Nigerians please don’t judge a book by its cover. Look at them all forming saints while inside of them is as black as charcoal. That is why Nigeria can never move forward because whatever we do isn’t right, everyone must complain. Instead of judging people, pls get a job. Great job kaffy, nice body even after two kids. God bless you,” one of her fans wrote.

The Guinness Book of world record holder defended her actions, insisting that she was not being indecent, but rather, she was only glorifying God.

“Its quite myopic how u see but it is expected. You judge me for taking clothes off to inspire but a lot of ur daughters ,sons, brothers, sisters are victims today of terrible crimes . Harm inflicted upon them by people who claim to be perfect . Many who flaunt flawless personalities in ur home ,church,mosque and workplace but are demented dark souls within.my daughter will not live a meaningless life and that what matters some of yours appear perfect and if you know what they do with their body . You would prefer they take naked picture sef than defile their body they way they do.my body is God’s TEMPLE .HE is d only one invited to the service I conduct in it.so worry about your self and Him,” she replied.

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