Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: How To Get Answers To Prayers

Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: How To Get Answers To Prayers

By Nsikanabasi Ese | Inspiration on July 3, 2018
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Karios Moments is a weekly devotional published by Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese.

Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese
Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese

Text: James 4:3; Mark 9:23.


The objective of this message is to let us know why prayers are hindered and what makes prayers not to be answered. I have met people who have become fed up with prayers because to them, God is no more interested in answering their prayers. Some have become so discouraged that they soil their hands doing series of ‘assignments’ by herbalists and fake prophets. Hear me, we don’t have a problem with praying. It’s not that we cannot pray but the problem is why the prayers are not answered. We are all prayer warriors and we pray very well but we must know why our prayers are not answered.

You need to know that God loves it when His people bring their requests to Him in prayers and He is ever committed to answering every prayer (Mat. 7:7). First we need to understand that prayer is communication between humanity and divinity. There are two parties to a prayer; the one that prays and The God that hears and Answers. For this communication (Prayers) to be effective, it must be carried out with its prescribed terms and reference. If prayer must be answered, then it must be done to the specification spelt out by the God that will answer. God is not a respecter of persons, He respects principles. [Psalm 103:7].

Not everyone who prays gets answers to their prayers not because God is unfaithful but because they have missed something along the line. God is the God of wonders and ways. If you understand the ways of God, you enjoy His wonders. Until you comply with His ways you will not command His wonders. Wonders follows those that follow His ways (Mark 16:17). When you violate God’s ways you suffer the affliction of men. Many people you see today involved in diabolic activities were once born again believers who violated God’s ways and are now stranded in their search for immediate help, so they resort to diabolic activities.

Nothing is as sweet and easy as the life of Christianity especially when you follow the ways of God. The wonders of God happen naturally when you keep to the path of the Almighty. Moses did not struggle to have the manifestation of wonders because he knew God’s ways but Israelites suffered death and destruction because they only followed after the wonders of God. Let’s look at what hinders prayers and what every Christian needs to avoid.


When we run out of patience with God, we run out of the product of God. Impatience is never a virtue to be appreciated. The Israelites were destroyed in the wilderness because of impatience. The product of God travels on the vehicle of patience [Heb. 10:36]. The combination of faith and patience brings you the promises of God. Patience with God is a magnet of the praise of God [Job 14:14]. To wait on God is to win in the end. God is the God of ways and time. That you haven’t received it doesn’t mean you will never receive it. A patient mind knows that God is not keeping it from him, He is rather keeping it for him. With God you cannot wait and waste. Many times our love for God is tried on the parameter of patience. You want His gift? Wait!


Appreciation is application for more. When you thank God for His finger, He will release His hand. Little becomes much when gratitude is applied. Ingratitude has kept many people from accessing more blessings. When you thank God for life, He will give you what to live with. People who thank God always have their tanks full. Prayers that are not accompanied by thanksgiving and gratitude suffers setback. An expression of gratitude to God is sometimes all you need to get the rest of all you need. Jesus by giving thanks had the five loaves and two fishes multiplied. He never asked more than He thanked. Asking without thanking is a waste of asking.

3) AVOID UNBELIEF [Mark 6:5-6]

Praying without believing is leaving things to chance. Believing in the workability and the effectiveness of your prayers is an important component that will guarantee answers to your prayers. Mark 11:24 says ‘’Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. Your belief becomes a push to your prayers. It generates power for your prayers. A wavering mind is never pleasing to God. When you plan to fail, you’ll fail but if you plan to succeed, you’ll succeed. Whenever you pray, have it in mind that your prayers won’t fail and it certainly won’t. Prayers which receive answers are prayers that have assurance of answers before you pray. Don’t embark on praying for the sick if you are not sure of their healing.


The absence of love is the reason for unforgiveness. When love leads forgiveness happens naturally. You can’t keep malice in your heart or hold a grudge and expect your prayers to go up. When you operate in love you flow on the same frequency with God. Learn to forgive people irrespective of how hurtful their error may have been. When you trust God more than you trust people, you won’t be hurt by their weaknesses and faults. If you can’t walk in love, you can’t walk with God.

5) AVOID COMPROMISE   [Isaiah 59:2]

You may lie to receive American residency, but you will lose heaven’s residency. Never compromise your Christian faith for any reason. Many people have involved themselves in certificate forgery, scam, false age declaration, embezzlement, fraud and other wrongful acts just to gain temporary gratification but the question is, how long does such gratification last? You give the enemy more evidence to use in accusing you when you compromise. The compromise of Abraham is the reason the world is in pains today. If God said He will do it, don’t try assisting Him. The wanton desire to force divinity to action has made people compromise their faith and this becomes a hindrance to their prayers. Are you a young lady/man? Refuse that affair with a married man, refuse that affair with that lecturer in school, refuse that initiation into cultism, if God gave you admission He can see you through. If He gave you life, He will give you what to live with. Refuse to bow to the lure compromise. When you compromise you’re sinning and sin is a major hindrance to prayer.

6) SELFISHNESS [James 4:3]

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose. Think beyond yourself. Wrong motives can hinder answers to prayer. When you ask God for financial breakthrough, what will you use the money for? God will never empower you to fight Him. The main reason for godly riches is for gospel outreaches. God will not bless you just for yourself alone, He will bless you so you become a blessing in the life of another. That car is not just for you, that money is not just for you, it’s for the work of God. If your motive is wrong, your request becomes invalid. Start now to think good of other people. You cannot have the work of God as the reason to seek prosperity and God denies you. When you seek the advancement of the gospel and support for orphans and widows you attract God’s focus for financial breakthrough.

Every Christian needs to experience the joy of answered prayers. It is in God’s desire and plan to answer our prayers. If He wasn’t ready to answer, He wouldn’t urge us to ask. However, sin stands as a hindrance to our prayers blocking the answers from manifesting. When we clear our hearts of doubt, sin and all these hindrances our prayers receives the needed attention that guarantees answers. I declare, every hindrance to your prayers is removed from this day henceforth.


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