Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: Be A Risk Taker

Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: Be A Risk Taker

By Nsikanabasi Ese | Inspiration on July 10, 2018
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Karios Moments is a weekly devotional published by Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese.

Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese
Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese

Esther 3:2; Esther 4:13-14

The most risky thing in life is life itself. Life is so risky that nobody can escape from life alive. Living on earth is a risk, you risk losing the very life you have by living. In essence, this means that risk taking is an integral part of human living on earth if good things must be acquired. Nothing good and desirable comes on a platter of Gold. Its either you take the risk to have it or someone must have taken the risk for you. Successful people in life are risk takers. Success comes by daring to succeed. Good things don’t come by mere wishing. The mistake some people make is to believe that life will be fair to them. For your information, good things won’t come to you, rather you go after them. Every front liner is a risk taker. Check the history books, you will see that renowned inventors were all risk takers who faced serious challenges and threats in the course of their invention.

To make impact is to take a risk. In our text (Esther 3:2), Mordecai as a Jew found himself in a place where his colleagues bowed to worship Haman and this act was against his Jewish tradition. He needed to effect a change. He needed to take a risk. It was risky refusing the orders of/offending a man as powerful as Haman but Mordecai was bent on making a change so he refused to bow. It is risky not to take risks and it is detrimental not to take risks. Have you imagined what the fate of Jews would have been if Mordecai refused to take a risk? All world shakers are risk takers.

Esther made up her mind to put her life on the line by taking risk. Even as a queen, she was not expected to appear before the king at that time of the year but she risked being executed just for a change to take place. In Esther 4:16b is written one dangerous statement credited to Queen Esther were she said ‘’…When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. AND IF I PERISH, I PERISH.” People who dare death eventually, don’t die. Death fears people who don’t fear it. This statement by Esther completely disarmed the enemy and gave her a ticket to succeed in getting a review of Haman’s evil verdict. To risk, is to succeed. There is no success without risk. Risk takers are destiny changers.

  • MOSES: Moses’ decision to confront Pharaoh and demand the release of Israelites was purely a risky mission. How was he to face a king as dreaded as Pharaoh especially at a time that he was wanted for killing an Egyptian? Moses risked his life and that of the people he went to free in Egypt. God sent Moses but then Moses needed to take the first step. The most important thing in risk taking is taking the first step but conversely, that is the hardest thing. There are so many books, songs, messages, inventions, dreams and visions that would have become reality but the fear of taking the first step hindered it. Fear of taking risks is like a thick fog that blurs your vision but when you overcome it, vision becomes attractively clear.
  • ABRAHAM: Abraham took a risk by obeying God and leaving his father’s house to an unknown destination. It was a risk following a God you can’t see and whose address you can’t trace. Abraham had practical faith that’s why he followed God on a route he didn’t know. When following God, you don’t need to know it all, if He is the one leading, you can’t get lost. Just obey and follow. Your determination in the face of risk can lead you to your destination. If you wait till you understand everything about marriage before you marry then you may wait forever.


  • DANIEL: For a young slave to make such damning decision to refuse the king’s food means he knew something about risk that others did not know. Daniel’s relevance in succeeding governments was all linked to his risk-taking ability. When you take risks for God, He can damn anything just to show forth Himself for you. The three Hebrew boys risked their life by challenging Nebuchadnezzar to throw them into the burning fire, God was provoked. He did not release angels to deliver them but Jesus Himself came down. Risk provokes the supernatural. Dare to be different in that office and God will show forth for you.
  • DAVID: Have you ever considered that David was a 17 year old boy with no military training, no armour, no war experience, no backup, no shield, no physical war advantage? Yet he stood up, faced and killed a well armed giant with several years of training/experience in warfare.



1) Where there is no risk, there is no rising. Risk births your rising in life. In 2 Kings 7:4, the four lepers took the risk of moving to another country and by this, they rose from famine to abundance. If you wait for perfect conditions you won’t get anything good done. Good things are not done out of convenience but out of necessity. Start that business, if you risk failing; you also risk succeeding. Take that step today if it fails, you learn; if it sails, you earn.

2) If you dream of rising to the top, you must take risks. There’s no harm in dreaming but any dream that is not acted upon becomes a mirage. Don’t just dream, take a risk and work towards bringing it to reality. You don’t rise to the top still staying on the ground. Whatever you dream of doing, know that several others have similar dreams. Don’t wait, it’s all about who dares to take a risk.

3) Until you stick-out your neck, you will not rise above the crowd. Go a little further. Do what others are afraid to do. Jesus told Peter thrust your net further and in thrusting, he had the biggest catch of his career. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile, though there could be the threat of danger but many times those threats are a mere mirage.

4) Your future will not start until you end your fear. The greatest delay to the future is fear. As long as you entertain fear, the future remains elusive. The death of your fear is the birth of your future. End fear and the future will emerge.

5) When you fear reaction, you will not take any action. ‘’What will people say?’’ this very question has killed more dreams than the devil himself. When you cast fear over the outcome, you place limitation on success. Success is never so crippled as when the fear of reaction overrides the confidence in optimism.


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