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How The Kajuru Genocide Started: The Opinion Piece That Got Steven Kefas Arrested [MUST READ]

Must read

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter Governor Nasiru El-rufai’s victory at the polls in 2015, a lot of people celebrated across the state (myself exclusive) and not quite long he began to manifest his true colors.

The Adara people of Kajuru Local government Area of the state like every other nationalities never knew the plans that the El-rufai led Kaduna State government had for them until the governor birthed the idea of establishing an Emirate in Kajuru a predominantly Christian Local government. This move was vehemently rejected by both the Adara people and their traditional leadership.

Steven Kefas
Steven Kefas

Then Crisis broke out in late 2018 on a market day, scores of people mostly Adara natives were massacred under the supervision of the military (fake or original, I don’t know).

The next day, the paramount ruler of Adara Land the Agom Adara, Mr Rahael Maiwada Galadima who has always made his stands against the proposed Emirate known was kidnapped alongside his wife by suspected herdsmen, his wife was eventually released while he was murdered by his abductors after ransom was paid.

Then the state government of Elrufai claimed widely that the killers of the traditional ruler have been arrested but nothing was ever heard about them till date.

Shortly after the murder of the ruler and when the Adara people were still mourning their murdered king, the state government forwarded a malicious gazette balkanizing the Adara Chiefdom for reasons best known to the government, the Chiefdom in a press release rejected the move, the atmosphere was tensed but the government was not ready to ensure peace reigns.

On the 11 of February over a dozen Adara natives were killed by Fulani herdsmen in Ungwan Barde community.

The state government was briefed but never issued any statement on the sad incident even when some government officials were alleged to have visited the injured at the hospital.

On the 15 of February which was the eve of the postponed presidential and national Assembly elections, the Kaduna state government in a widely publicized broadcast claimed that 66 Fulani were killed by Adara natives, this claim could not be substantiated as the Kaduna state commissioner of Police distanced himself from the figures, later the governor claimed again that it was 132 Fulani that were killed allegedly by the Adara natives. This claim was also debunked by the regional head. of NEMA and many other civil society groups.

The Kaduna state governor had earlier during his fictitious claim said that there may be reprisal attacks if nothing is done and therefore 9 Adara leaders including the second in command to the murdered Agom were arrested and detained in prison before being charged to Court for what the government tagged homicide.

Finally, hell was let lose on the 10th of March a day after the governorship and state Assembly elections, when ungwan Barde an Adara community that was attacked in February by Fulani Herdsmen, was attacked again but this time scores were killed. The state government kept mute for reasons best known to her, the attacks spread to other Adara communities, SOS calls were made but the security were reluctant instead they only waited for the attackers to leave then they go on to evacuate the dead bodies. Women, children and the aged suffered more casualties as dead bodies littered Ungwan Barde, Dogonnoma and Ikirimi communities, hundreds of houses were burnt, vehicles and food barns were also destroyed.

According to the Adara Development Association, 129 persons were gruesomely killed in the 3 day blood festival by the herdsmen, over 10,000 were displaced while dozens sustained life threatening injuries. In all of these, both the federal and state government have not deem it necessary to either visit the victims or foot their medicals bills.

The state governor especially didn’t deem it necessary to visit the Adara communities like he did to the Fulani communities during the fictitious 66/132 kilings. This is sad considering the fact that he is a governor for all and sundry in the state regardless of tribe, ethnicity or religion.

The Killings have since continued as even yesterday, the people of Bonono in Ungwan Aku in Kajuru LGA were forced to bury over 20 of their loved ones after terrorist herdsmen unleashed terror on them on a broad daylight.

This article was carefully written with facts that can be verified and I take full responsibility of its contents.

Steven Kefason (Steven Kefas) is a public affairs analyst and political activist who lives and works in Kaduna State. He has been jailed as a prisoner of conscience since May 2019. Kaduna State is a flashpoint for the activities of Fulani herdsmen, the fourth most deadly terrorist group according to a global terrorism index. Since 2016, the militia Fulani herdsmen have killed more Nigerians than Boko Haram. This was his last opinion piece before he was arrested on the orders of Governor Nasir El-rufai. Human rights activists have called for his release from prison.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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