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King Charles III Shares Poignant Easter Message Amid Personal Health Challenges

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LONDON, The United Kingdom – In a poignant Easter message that subtly echoed his and Princess Kate’s recent health struggles, King Charles III spoke to the nation about the virtues of service and the power of friendship in times of need.

The monarch’s words, part of a pre-recorded audio message, were played during the Maundy Thursday service on March 28, 2024.

During this traditional ceremony, the king typically distributes “Maundy money” to individuals recognized for their exemplary Christian service.

This year, however, the king was notably absent from the event, adhering to his doctor’s advice to avoid crowds amid ongoing treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer. In his stead, the queen performed the symbolic duties at the ceremony.

Accompanying the audio release was a photograph of the king, which drew public attention for his visibly gaunter appearance compared to images from the previous year.

The striking difference prompted expressions of concern and sympathy from the public, particularly from those familiar with the toll of chemotherapy treatments.

In his address, King Charles refrained from direct mention of the royal family’s health issues but emphasised the importance of kindness and support during difficult times. “Jesus set an example of how we should serve and care for each other,” he stated, underscoring the value of extending “the hand of friendship to us, especially in a time of need.”

Though not explicitly stated, the king’s message resonates deeply with his and Princess Kate’s battles against cancer, casting a personal light on his reflections on service, care, and friendship.

Expressing regret over his absence, King Charles highlighted the special significance of the Maundy service to him, recounting its origins in Jesus’s act of washing his disciples’ feet as a profound gesture of service and humility.

The monarch reaffirmed his coronation pledge to serve rather than be served, a commitment he assured to continue “with my whole heart.”

Amid concerns over his health, sources close to the royal family have indicated that the king’s Easter message and planned public appearance on Easter Sunday signify his determination to maintain an active role in his duties despite his illness.

Peter Philips, the king’s nephew, shared insights into Charles’s frustration with the limitations imposed by his treatment, emphasising his uncle’s eagerness to resume his full schedule of activities and responsibilities.

The prince said, “He’s frustrated that he can’t get on and do everything that he wants to be able to do… He is always pushing his staff and everybody—his doctors and nurses—to be able to say, ‘Actually, can I do this, can I do that?’”

As the nation prepares for a “smaller scale royal turnout” this Easter, with notable absences from other family members focusing on personal commitments, King Charles’s upcoming public appearance is highly anticipated,

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