Kissing Started With Rats? 10 Unbelievable Facts About Kissing

Kissing Started With Rats? 10 Unbelievable Facts About Kissing

By Beauty And Tips on August 13, 2015
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Kissing makes us feel good. It can be sensual, erotic, fleeting, lengthy, loving or even just casual; but however we do it, andwherever we do it, kissing always makes us feel warm, happy, and wanted.

But there is so much more to puckering up that you probably didn’t know about. Whether you call it tongue wrestling, snogging, passing first base or lip locking, kissing has an array of health benefits, as well as some super crazy facts that might just cause your jaw to drop. So let’s take a look at these 10 fun and interesting facts about smooching.

1. Kissing Requires Some Serious Muscle Power

Even if you just lean in for a soft, gentle kiss, you use 146 muscles. This includes 34 facial muscles, as well as an incredible 112 postural muscles. For this reason, kissing is recommended if you want to keep your facial muscles ticking over!

Unfortunately, kissing cannot be included as part of your workout regimen. Sad face! Unlike getting caught out for “missing leg day”, you can’t get caught out for missing “facial muscles day.” It just doesn’t exist. Sorry.

2. Kissing Started With The Rats

Another one of fun facts about kissing is that it all started with the rats. Those rats, huh? Apparently they’re famous for starting two things: The Plague, which wiped out half of Europe in the sixteenth century – and kissing.

Yup, kissing originates from an ancient rat known as Eomaia Scansoria. This rat would kiss its mates to spread pheromones and ignite erotic desire. There is something in this too; after all, mice and men share a very similar genetic makeup.

The rat in question would rub noses with someone it liked, but we humans evolved the technique by locking mouths. Because we’re great.

3. An English King Once Banned Kissing

Next one of fun facts about kissing is that, July 1439 certainly wasn’t The Summer of Love in England, as King Henry VI actually banned kissing! He definitely wasn’t one for romance, was he?

Well, actually, old Henry did have a good reason for kissing. He wasn’t a prude, and neither was he jealous that all the handsome peasants were getting off with women he wanted; instead, he banned kissing to stop the spread of disease in his kingdom.

That seems pretty fair to us! Though the King did eventually have a mental breakdown in 1453, which required his wife to take control of his kingdom.

4. The Romans Had A Few Different Names For Kissing

The word “kiss” that we use today actually originates from the Old English word Cyssan. This word basically meant “to kiss.” There is no agreement regarding where this word came from, but scholars reckon it’s an onomatopoeia.

The Romans, though, already had a few words for kissing, and none of them were onomatopoeia. “Basium” was the word use for kissing someone on the hand or cheek, whilst “Osculum” was used whenever someone engaged in closed-mouth kissing. And if you were to have a passionate kiss, you were indulging in a bit of “Saviolum.”

So the next time you feel like getting passionate with your loved one, tell them you want to engage in a bit of saviolum.

5. Mangaia Island Had Never Heard Of Kissing Until The 1700’s

We’re not ones to get political here at Beauty and Tips, but we’re fully aware that the British Empire had its lovers and haters.

One good deed this empire did was introduce kissing to the loveless Mangaia Island, an island that had existed for 18 million years without its inhabitants ever puckering up!

6. Only 90% Of The World Kisses

Another one of interesting facts about kissing is that only around 90% of the world actually kisses. 90% might sound like a lot, but you have to wonder what on earth the other 10% are playing at!

And incase you’re wondering, nope, the other 10% are not solitary, lonely souls who are still looking for love. They’re cultures who don’t kiss for a variety of reasons. This can be down to religious reasons, or it could be down to customs and traditions. Some refuse to kiss for supernatural reasons. For example, some Sudanese refuse to kiss because they believe their soul will be stolen by someone else’s mouth.

Meanwhile, the Eskimo’s kiss just like the ancient rats did – they use their noses.

7. The Longest Ever Kiss Lasted For 58 Hours

You might think that you and your partner have indulged in some serious smooching, and that you’ve locked each others’ lips for “record-breaking” times. But compares to serial snoggers Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat of Thailand, you really haven’t.

These lovers once kissed for a whopping 58 hours, 35 minutes and 59 seconds, ensuring that they entered the Guinness World Records. Wow! It does make us wonder whether they peck one another on the cheek from time to time, or whether this simple, short kiss means nothing to them.

8. Kissing Can Make You Live Longer

Here is another one of fun facts about kissing – it can make you live longer! Tired of having to go on a strict diet? Don’t fancy hitting the gym anymore? Then try kissing instead!

A rather (in)famous study concluded that men who kiss their wives in the morning live longer than dudes who don’t. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that women live longer too. Boo! But if it works for guys, it can work for us too, right? Let’s try it!

9. We Use Kissing To Select A Partner

Sure, personality is great, but apparently the real deal breaker when it comes to deciding whether our date is really for us or not is how good they are at kissing.

If someone is bad at kissing, we see this as a major turn-off and assume that they’ll be equally as bad underneath the sheets. If they’re good at kissing, however, we assume they’ll make great lovers. It’s a simple technique, but it’s worked so far!

10. When You Kiss, You’re Swapping Lots Of Bacteria

This is one of the most weird facts about kissing. Not to end this on a downer or anything, but we thought you should know that when you kiss, you’re essentially swapping bacteria.

About 300 different kinds.

The good news, though, is that kissing can also make you better too, as it boosts your immune system by improving your resistance to nasty triggers.

Do you know other fun facts about kissing?

Stay happy!

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