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As you look at your kitchen, what do you see?

Do you see a beautiful, open space filled with light and life? Or do you see a drab, cluttered, and cramped in space that’s too small for your family to enjoy?

If your kitchen is too small, there are definitely steps that you can take to open it up.

We’d like to help you make this newlywed dream a reality. Surely you have so far collected some wonderful gifts through a registry such as Target Wedding Registry with lots of beautiful items for your kitchen.

While your Pinterest creative juices are flowing, we are going to share our best remodeling tips to help you open up your kitchen today.

Please use them to make your new nest’s kitchen a little bit better and brighter.

kitchen remodelling

Begin Thinking Vertically

One of the best ways to open up your kitchen is to add windows, but they aren’t necessarily the best option unless placed strategically.

Sometimes windows will take up wall space that is much-needed, and eliminate places that you’d be able to put cabinetry and appliances.

There is another option.

Instead of adding too many windows to bring more light and a better view into the room, you have the option to consider vaulting the ceiling

By doing so, you will add additional vertical volume in your kitchen.

Plus, you will have the choice of adding additional windows that you can add high up in the room without interfering with space that could serve better, more functional purposes.

Glass Everything Is Your Friend When Opening up Your Kitchen

Although in some instances it might seem more like an illusion, you can enhance the openness and overall experience by using glass.

Obviously, adding tall windows will definitely help to open up the room.

But that’s not all, because you could also add glass display shelves and glass front upper cabinets to help make the room look much bigger and brighter.

Make Your Surfaces Brighter

When you’re making structural changes to your kitchen, updating your surfaces to make them much brighter is definitely a good way to make the space feel much more open.

Adding brighter surfaces like lighter colored walls, cabinetry, flooring, backsplash tile and bright modern sinks definitely help add to the appeal and make the space much lighter, brighter, and they provide a greater feeling of openness.

kitchen remodelling

Tearing Down Walls

Out of all the tips provided today, tearing down walls between your kitchen and other adjacent rooms is the perfect way to create more open space.

By tearing down walls that are basically taking up additional room that you can use for other things, you will be able to reorganize your kitchen in a way that feels more open and friendly to you.

One great option about tearing down additional walls is that you get to make changes that you wouldn’t normally have made because the walls would be in the way.

Some ideas for all of your additional space include: adding a cozy office area, adding a bigger kitchen island, or adding a larger kitchen table for your family to congregate around.

Clearing Out Corners of Your Kitchen

Changing around all the working parts of the room isn’t always the only way to make it more spacious and open.

Do you currently have a corner of the room doing nothing? Is it blocked off by some obstruction that really doesn’t need to be there?

Well, it might be a good idea to clear out that corner so you have additional space in your kitchen for you and your family.

You can fill that new corner with a beautiful new kitchen table and create an eating area for you and your loved ones that is much more spacious and enjoyable to use.

Wait, How Do I Budget This In

Many newlywed couples struggle with the idea of spending too much on their new kitchen, bathroom, or home remodeling in general.

By using your gifts that you received from your wedding, you are already a big step ahead.

However, at this point is important to do a good financial check for both of you and see where your current stand is. Knowing how far you can stretch will help you plan your project, and not go overboard. If needed, choose credit counseling to discuss your options. Make sure to always plan to spend 70-80% of how much you actually have, so unforeseen costs don’t throw you off too much.


Only you know how to remodel your kitchen to make it more open. So use the tips provided today to realize your open kitchen goals.


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