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‘Stop using Mercedes Benz and Lexus’ – Tinubu Tells Nigerians

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Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential candidate, has made another incoherent statement.

Naija News reports that this is coming barely two weeks after Tinubu compared ‘poisonous Holy communion’ to climate change during an interactive session with Arewa Committee in Kaduna State.

The former Governor of Lagos State during the presentation of the campaign manifesto on Friday in Abuja said Nigerians against borrowings by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration should stop using Mercedes Benz and Lexus brands of vehicles.

He said: “I stand before you proudly, noting that those who are afraid of the budget, the thoughts of borrowing. Yes, borrowing. If borrowing is a crime, entire America should be in jail. If borrowing is a crime, stop using Mercedes Benz and Lexus”

This left many Nigerians confused online as to the correlation between the usage of particular brands of vehicles and concerns about huge national debts.

yung_alhaji22 wrote: “How does that correlate? And the phools still applaud him”

tinywale wrote: “I still Dey try to understand, if borrowing is a crime, Stop using Mercedes’ and Lexus! That is beyond my Intellectual Capacity.. make somebody explain abeg”

fucking_cruise wrote: “If borrowing is a crime the entire American should be in jail… I.e he’s trying to say the entire Americans are living on credit which is very very true.”

ricky_smart_1621 wrote: “this life just have money ohhh. … even if you are wrong they will still clap for you. Who gets money dey always dey right. That’s Nigeria for you.”

prettybratt_ag wrote: “Dis man go show Nigerians pepper if he enters as president”

ayomide wrote: “I rather go Cotonou dey do house boy than stay in this country if this man manage successfully rig this coming election”

kwamezack_ wrote: “Haha imagine voting for him as a president African leader are something o”

the_demigod_ wrote: “Why are they clapping? The stupidity & ignorance is extreme”

ganslaw1 wrote: “This man self where are his advisers he is gradually giving his oppositions upper hand”

monalisa___micheal wrote: “This is God letting this man leak all his secrets, Nigerians should read meaning into every statement this man makes for real! Look how he’s talking about borrowing when we’re already in so much dept. Everyone should pay attention and get their PVC! Let’s get the right person on the seat please”

walternze wrote: “If this man manages enter power, Nigeria is totally finished as a country, even all this empty brain following him around will be the ones crying for help”

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