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Korra Obidi Attacked During Live Stream in the UK, Forced to Pushback on Rumours

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LONDON, The United Kingdom – In a shocking incident that unfolded on livestream, popular Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi was attacked with a knife and acid in the United Kingdom.

The mother of two shared the distressing news through her Instagram page shortly after the attack on Thursday, April 11, 2024, highlighting the severity of the assault.


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Obidi, who was visibly shaken, detailed the attack during her livestream.

“Currently in an ambulance to the hospital, there was a knife, acid attack on me in the UK in the middle of a live stream,” she disclosed.

This incident comes in the wake of several hateful remarks targeted at her, which she referred to as a significant wake-up call regarding her safety.

The attacker, described by Obidi as a five-foot-tall black woman, remains unidentified. Obidi has urged anyone with information about the assailant to come forward. “If you have any information as to the attacker, [a] black female, 5 foot, please forward to [email protected],” she appealed in her post.

This attack has raised concerns about the safety of public figures during live-streaming sessions and the extent of hate crimes targeting celebrities.

The incident is currently under investigation, and authorities are seeking the public’s assistance to apprehend the attacker responsible for this heinous act.

Korra Obidi Responds to Allegations of Staging Attack for Publicity

Korra Obid and ex-husband Justin Dean
Korra Obid and ex-husband Justin Dean

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian singer and dancer, has publicly addressed allegations made by her ex-husband, Justin Dean, suggesting that she staged a recent attack on herself for publicity.

The incident, which involved a knife and acid, occurred in the United Kingdom while she was live-streaming.

Dean, in a post on his Instagram page, hinted at the possibility that the attack was orchestrated, stating, “A common tactic amongst celebrities to stay relevant is to stage robberies, assaults or anything else to drum up the views. This has gone too far.”

This remark led many fans to speculate that his comments were targeted at Obidi, his ex-wife and mother of his children.

In a poignant video message shared on her Instagram on Friday, Obidi vehemently denied these claims. Visibly affected by the ordeal, she emphasized her innocence and the gravity of the situation.

“I understand that there are a lot of artists who had in the past tried to create scenarios like this for clout chasing, but I promise you I’m not one of them,” she stated.

Obidi further detailed her harrowing experience, underscoring the severity of the attack.

“I don’t need that kind of clout. It’s not that deep for me, I just want to sing and dance. What happened yesterday, I escaped with the best possible scenario. I had a whole bottle of acid on my face. I escaped by holding onto the knife and still have few bruises. I’ve scars from the knife. I’m glad this was live, and there is ample evidence,” she explained.

The incident and the subsequent allegations have sparked a significant reaction from both fans and the broader public, with many expressing support for Obidi while deploring the implications of Dean’s insinuations.

As the situation unfolds, the focus remains on Obidi’s recovery and the ongoing investigation into the attack.

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