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Ladies, 10 Simple Tips On How To Flirt Like A Pro

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If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’ll be wishing you could flirt like a pro. Rather than crash and burn in a bar, walking away red-faced from a guy, because you’ve just overloaded him with an exercise in how not to flirt, you’ll be wanting to up your game and reel off the kind of kick-ass, silver-tongued one-liners that you see in Hollywood flicks.

But not all of us can flirt, and especially not all of us can flirt like pros. It takes a certain kind of confidence to be able to bounce cool lines back and forth, and it takes a bit of knowledge too. So if you’re looking to arm yourself with the right kind of flirting techniques that could see you talk yourself into a hot date, check out our 10 simple tips on how to flirt like a pro.

1. Use The Room

Bad flirting can come from a lack of confidence, and if you’ve got a lack of confidence the first thing you’re going to do upon entering a bar is sit yourself down on the nearest available seat – even if it’s next to the bathroom. But not only does this highlight your lack of self-esteem, it also serves to rise barriers around you. After all, if a guy can’t get anywhere near you, he’s not going to flirt with you, is he?

Our suggestion is to work the room; use all the available space, and rather than sitting down in the first seat that comes available, be flexible and walk around. Check out what’s on the other side of the bar – you might just be surprised by who you come across.

2. Have Something To Say

There is quite literally nothing worse than trying to flirt before finding that you are tongued tied, because you have nothing to say. To flirt, we have to be in the mood, but to help us get in the mood – and to help prevent us being tongue tied – it’s often best to have something in mind that we want to say. So if you’re at a concert and you spot a guy making eye contact with you, prepare for the inevitable chat by coming up with something witty to say.

3. Use Your Eyes

Our mothers used to tell us that the best way to flirt is by locking eyes with the guy, and despite this piece of advice being as old as time itself, it’s still a surefire way to flirting like a pro. Guys just love it when you look them in the eyes, and it tells them you’re interested. So stop looking at the floor, look into his eyes, and get ready for the chemistry.

4. Keep Things Light

There really should be a checklist of things not to say when flirting. For example, you shouldn’t go into the fact that your cat just died, or that your ex has left you broken hearted. And absolutely no mention of dead relatives. That’s just way too dark. They key to flirting like a pro is keeping things light, entertaining, fun and jokey. Talk about happy things, tease him a little, and keep on smiling. Also, remember to laugh at his jokes. You can even laugh at your own, as long as they’re funny.

5. Ask A Guy To The Jukebox

If there is a cute guy standing near the jukebox, why not walk over to him and ask if he’ll help you to pick out a great song? This is a simple but hugely effective way of getting a guy to chat, and flirting whilst looking for some cool music is a perfect way to trade laughs and stories.

6. Make Sure He Catches You Looking 

There is little point looking at a guy if you’re going to make sure he doesn’t actually catch you looking. It isn’t rude to check out a hot guy, and nor should you feel embarrassed for getting caught out. Instead, getting caught is all part of playing the flirting game. If you see someone you like, you should make a point of glancing over at him a few times until he catches you. And rather than look away at that moment, you should give him a smile. This tells him instantly that you’re interested.

7. Keep Silence At Bay

Eek! You’ve been talking/flirting for 10 minutes and all of a sudden there’s a lull in the conversation. You decide to have a sip of your wine in the hope that he says something, but it looks as though he’s about to check his phone. To make sure that silences never go on too long, you should quickly ask a question. Ask anything. Well, not anything. Don’t ask how he’d like to die, but if there is a song playing in the bar, ask if he likes the song.

8. Relax

If you fold your arms, you’re going to look like a woman scorned who is having the day from hell. And no guy is going to approach that kind of girl. To make sure that you’re looking approachable and ready to show a guy that you’re interested, you need to relax your posture. Drop all barriers around you, smile and look him in the eyes. He needs a good signal that you’re flirting with him, and the number one way in which to do this is via approachable body language.

9. Have Fun!

Flirting tips for girls aren’t complicated at all. Before anything else, flirting is supposed to be fun. Remember that! If you approach flirting as though it’s a complex game that only the pros can play, you will feel intimidated and will find it hard not to feel self-conscious. But by reminding yourself that fun is the name of the game here, you will cast off any emotional baggage that surrounds you, and you’ll enjoy the conversation much more.

There is no expectations when it comes to flirting; the guy doesn’t even know who you are, so just have some good old fashioned fun with him.

10. Compliment Him

Flattery might get you no where with a job promotion, but it gets you everywhere in the flirting arena. Us girls just love to be complimented, but you have to remember that guys love it too. If you like his hair or his smile, don’t be shy in letting him know. Naturally, you don’t need to go overboard with the compliments (because too much “aww, I LOVE your …”) might actually start to scare the poor chap, but there is nothing wrong with one or two.

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