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Landlord’s Son Stabs Pregnant Woman Forcing Her Into Labour

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A pregnant woman, simply referred to as ‘Mrs Ajayi’ was allegedly stabbed by her landlord’s son resulting in her entering into forced labour and child birth in Edo State on Sunday, May 31, 2015

The boy, known as Osanwa was said to have stabbed the pregnant woman,who had been a tenant of his father’s compound along St. Mary’s Church, Textile Main Road in Benin, for five years.

Leadership reports that the woman was sleeping in her room when the young man attacked her. Her screams attracted neighbours and sympathizers to the scene. She was rushed to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital where she was prematurely delivered of her seven- month-old pregnancy through a caesarean section operation.

Her husband Mr. Ajayi, said this was their first issue and called on the government and well-meaning Nigerians to come to his aid and fight the injustice done to him and his family.

“I am just coming back from work now; immediately I was informed of this wicked act. It’s still a shock to me because my wife never had any issues with anybody and has always been indoors. Just when I was warming up to be a father soon, this boy came and did this wicked thing. This is sheer wickedness; what annoys me most is that my wife never had issues with anybody before I left the house this morning and they have never had any issue before now.

“The government and all those who have good minds in Nigeria should come and help me fight this case to the end because justice must prevail”, the grieving husband said.

The boy, however, upon seeing the large crowd, feigned madness. He was later arrested by youths who mercilessly beat him before finally handing him over to the police.

His father, the landlord was reported to have been out of town, but some bystanders said the boy may have been possessed or insane.

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