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LOOK Before You Sit: Big Snake Found Wrapped Round TOILET (SNAPSHOT, VIDEO)

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Police in Exeter received an “urban myth” phone call to a house were shocked to find a snake in the toilet.

According to local reports, the police officers found the snake hiding under the toilet rim when they arrives the residence that placed the 911 call, on New Year’s Day 2014.

The 3-feet long California Kingsnake which has fangs but is not considered dangerous or venomous was taken to away.

Reports say the woman who initially spotted the snakes was not believed by family members.

To prove the bizarre story, the police tweeted the photo below with the caption, “#urbanmyth report of snake in toilet. Found hiding away under the rim. Officer removed it to a place of safety”.


It remains unclear how the snake could have got into the house and who owns the snake.

“The police ring us frequently about snakes they’ve found in garden sheds or elsewhere, but it’s the first time we’ve ever heard of one in a toilet,” said Samantha Edworthy of Tiny Boas pet shop, where the snake was taken.

Edworthy confirmed that the snake is well taken care of and in good condition. “This particular snake is tame. I wouldn’t want to play with it because it can bite. But it’s not viscous and only leaves tiny pricks on the skin,” she explained.

A video concerning this incident has been released.

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