LoveWorld USA TV: Israel Is The Center Of The World – Pastor...

LoveWorld USA TV: Israel Is The Center Of The World – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

By Manny Akpan | News Reporter on February 15, 2018
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with Pastor Benny Hinn on LoveWorld TV | Screengrab from Loveworld TV
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with Pastor Benny Hinn on LoveWorld TV | Screengrab from Loveworld TV

“Israel makes a huge difference for the betterment of humanity as a whole”, says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

This past Saturday, February 10, 2018, LoveWorld USA TV aired a special episode dedicated to Jerusalem and the close connection Evangelical Christians have to the modern day and Biblical Israel. The program: ‘Your Loveworld‘ that airs daily on different relevant topics, placed this show’s focus on Israel through an Evangelical lens. In the show, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared Israel as the center of the world, asserting its spiritual importance for Christians in North America and around the world.

Israel is where Jesus Christ originated from, it is the historical and biblical land of the ancient and thus modern day Israelites. The show captures Pastor Chris interviewing leading Israeli military and academic officials on the different struggles modern day Israel faces on several fronts.

 Loveworld TV
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with Pastor Benny Hinn on LoveWorld TV | Screengrab from Loveworld TV

LoveWorld TV has been establishing itself as a leading Evangelical channel across the world from Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and now in the United States (reaching Canada as well). Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. (BLW), the megachurch behind the different TV channels, recently signed a contract with Verizon, one of the largest networks in the US. The move is planned to take place on the 1st of March and is seen as the next step in the expansion of the church’s reach in North America and around the world.

The very fact that LoveWorld USA made the decision to dedicate an entire episode to Israel is a true indicator of Pastor Chris’ connection to the American Evangelical community. The show was a part of a short visit Pastor Chris made a few months ago to the Holy Land. Israel has a special place in the hearts of many Evangelical in both the religious and political aspects. It is the land where Jesus walked on water, it is the land that Christians believe hold a close connection to God. It aims to increase the accessibility of Christian materials to all believers across the world through TV, social media and much more. Similar to Pastor Chris, Evangelicals in North America hold the same views towards Israel, as it plays a crucial role in their faith. Through this shared belief, the BLW community has the capacity to expand and establish a relationship between America and Israel.

 | Screengrab from Loveworld TV
Professor Mordechai Kedar, a JDP Intelligence veteran speaks on Loveworld TV | Screengrab from Loveworld TV

The topics discussed on the show

Pastor Chris displayed a deep understanding of the complexity of the situation in Israel; religiously, politically and militarily. He conducted an interview with Brig. Gen. Shalom Harari, and Israeli counter terrorism expert. They spoke of the different threats to Israel, as well as the historical, archaeological and Biblical connection the Israeli people have to the land of Israel. They discussed the deep connection Israel has with the Bible and how the Holy Scripture is used in every aspect of life, even in military services in museums and monuments to commemorate fallen soldiers.

An additional interview was conducted with the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) intelligence veteran Prof.

Mordechai Kedar. Pastor Chris was interested in hearing about the way Christians are treated in Israel in comparison to other Middle Eastern countries in the region. The different terror threats were discussed as well, in conjunction with Kedar’s expertise. Kedar acknowledged the shared importance of Jerusalem to both Christians and Jews alike. When asked by Pastor Chris regarding the world’s hostility towards Israel, Kedar expressed his wish that all the nations around the world will declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move their embassies to the city as well.

 | Screengrab from Loveworld TV
Brig. General Shalom Harari speaks on counter terrorism on Loveworld TV | Screengrab from Loveworld TV

Pastor Benny Hinn made an appearance on the show as well. He explained the historic significance of the existence of Israel to Christians. Additionally, many are unaware that Pastor Hinn is originally from Jaffa, Israel. He shared some of his early childhood experiences from that special time in history and how that affected the way he sees the world. He shared that his close connection to Jesus, as well as his avid dedication to preaching the Word of the Lord, was shaped through his childhood experiences.

LoveWorld USA is for all Evangelicals

This show is just one example of the many ways LoveWorld TV is not just a regional channel. It is universal. Specifically, LoveWorld USA caters towards the US Evangelical community, providing them content that fits their values and needs as Christians.

The content on the channel is diverse and provides a range of options for the viewer. From children friendly shows, to daily sermon, and even local and global news. It is a channel that fits the needs of any American Christian with a need for ethical TV that places Jesus and the community first.


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