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8 Tips For Maintaining A Great-Looking Beard

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving a mustache and a beard is no longer a matter of pride alone for the next gen man; it’s about attitude, swag, personality and a symbol of masculinity. Growing a beard is easy, pretty easy if I say so, since you are really not doing anything to grow it (trying to be funny, you see). No growing a full beard is not that easy, not many are blessed in that department. It is simply that maintaining and grooming of beard require care and effort.

Why groom it or maintain it, you’d ask. And I have only one simple reason – hygiene. Your beard needs to look nice and also, smell nice. People (you included) and mostly women, dislike unkempt, messy and smelly beard. Reason enough to groom the beard if you want to impress a few ladies.

Tips that will make your task easier

Well-kept beard looks more attractive and suave and in reality, just requires a little amount of time, say about 10 minutes each day. Follow these simple tips to get that awesome and great-looking beard.

  • Read the beard lines

Literally, you should know where to stop the beard and keep neat beard lines as there is very little distance between the lines that can make your beard look sharper or make your chin look fatter.

If you cut your beard close to the neck and you put on a little weight, the chin will start appearing like a double chin, all because you did not pay attention to the beard lines and where to draw it properly.

  • Keep it styled

Having a beard is a style statement and one should study and find out which style will suit his face. Similar to hairstyles, not every style suits every face structure. What may look good on one person might simply look atrocious or funny on another.

There are so many options one could choose from by visiting the local salon where the stylist will recommend the style that will suit your face best, but the key point to bear in mind is to have a style in mind before trimming the beard.

  • Keep the beard clean

As I said earlier, no one likes a smelly and unkempt beard, so it always better to keep it clean and well maintained. Also, dirty beard will lead to dryness and itchiness in the area that might lead to other skin infections and such due to sweat, dust and dirt deposited on the beard.

Experts suggest using a good beard shampoo and conditioner will help in keeping the beard clean and smooth and also, nice smelling. Using a wide-tooth comb to remove the tangles is also a good practice.

  • Choose proper tools

Visiting the salon every time your beard needs care is something that not everyone can afford, both in terms of money and time. Thus, it is better that you invest and buy proper beard grooming tools.

Beard trimmers are one of the best tools that you can buy to keep your beard sharp. And, choosing a cordless one is even better, since you can avoid the hassles of wires and carrying it along becomes easier. Beard trimmers are the best choice when you want to maintain the look that you have created for your face. To find the best beard trimmers available, log on to and see what Comparoid recommends for 2018.

  • Learn to use the tools properly

Choosing and buying the proper and best tools for grooming your beard is not enough, knowing how to properly use them is also very important. Beard trimmer is an awesome tool but can ruin your style if not used properly. Read the instruction manual carefully before using it on your beard.

  • Never trim a wet beard

Wet beard tends to be longer than the dry beard and trimming it wet might lead to chopping of the facial hair more than you plan on. So, make sure your beard is completely dry before you start trimming it. Also, before trimming run a comb downwards to make trimming easy and tangle free.

  • Oil it regularly

One of the downsides of having a full beard is dry and itchy skin under the facial hair area. And this happens due to the hair taking up all the nutrients from your skin in order to grow. Dry and itchy skin can be quite irritating and may lead to a person going off of full bearded look. So, it is vital to oil your beard regularly to provide your skin the much-needed nutrients. Using beard oil will not only provide the essential nutrients, but also prevent dandruff in your beard and secondly, will help you in keeping the beard tidy and neat.

  • Healthy diet

As with the hair on the head, hair on your face also requires nutrients that are derived from the food we intake. A healthy diet, full of Omega-3 and Vitamin A, will make all the difference for your facial hair, not only in growing it well but also in making it shinier and glossier.

Follow these tips and follow them regularly to have that awesome beard.

Happy bearding fellas.

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