Here Are 5 Ways To Make Money Online

Here Are 5 Ways To Make Money Online

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on November 29, 2017
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The internet has revolutionised our day-to-day lives, giving people the opportunity to make money in many new and innovative ways. Majority of the startup businesses in the past three years make income online.

Modern technology has changed the way we work, creating the possibility of setting up your own business, working from home or freelancing alongside an existing job.

Read on for our top five ways to make money online.

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Set up a shop online

Do you make a product you can sell to the masses? Perhaps you’ve identified something you can purchase cheaply and sell for a profit online?

Either way, setting up an online shop can give you a great second source of income or could even lead to you running it full-time.

Selling affiliate products on sites like eBay and Amazon can also boost you chances of making money online, while offers like the casumo promotion can further increase your bank balance.

Create a website or blog

Successful websites and blogs can generate huge sums of money for their owners through advertising.

If you’re a talented writer you’ve got a head start on the competition and monetising your site could be the pathway to fame and fortune.

Avoid overloading your readers with too many advertisements, but carefully placed content will definitely enhance a user’s experience of visiting your site.

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Manage social media

Many companies recognise the need to be active on social media, but there are plenty who don’t invest enough resources into doing the job properly.

If you’re knowledgeable about the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter you can earn a fair amount of money by becoming a social media manager.

Make sure you’ve created a strong personal brand on a variety of platforms, then tout for freelance opportunities to significantly boost your income.

Take part in online surveys

There are hundreds of websites that ask you to take part in surveys and get paid.

These can be done in your own time and although they offer a relatively low amount for each one completed, you can generate a steady stream of income for just a few hours work each week.

Recommending family and friends can help you earn even more money.

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Teach online

Become a virtual teacher and host one-on-one tutoring sessions or webinars to help people directly with your area of expertise.

Creating video tutorials on sites like YouTube can also generate additional of income if you have a particular niche that would attract a significant enough number of viewers.

Whatever your forte, work hard and be dedicated to fully maximise your chances of making money online.


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