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It Just Got Real: Man Divorces Wife Because She’s Addicted To Her Smartphone

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We may joke about being addicted to Candy Crush. But one man is so fed up with his wife’s smartphone gaming addiction, he’s divorcing her over it. It’s not so much about how much gaming she does — it’s about all the other things she’s not doing while she’s on her smartphone. Apparently this stay-at-home mom has let everything go. Everything. So the husband filed for divorce, like any concerned, caring husband would do.

The husband claims his wife’s obsession has kept her from doing the housework and caring for their children. Allegedly she neglected to get their daughter vaccinated on time and failed to administer medication during her illness. He even says he’s seen mold stains on their daughter’s clothing. Okay, that does sound pretty bad.

When the man tried to get his wife to attend to her duties, he says she blamed him and refused to stop gaming.

Hmm. She sounds like a mess. But keep in mind, we don’t know the whole story here. What’s her side of things? What started her gaming obsession in the first place? It kind of makes you wonder if there were problems in their marriage that began long before her addiction. Or maybe she has some mental health issues that haven’t gotten the attention they need.

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