Packaging machines are large and small industrial machines that prepare all kinds of materials today, which we use in our daily life. Packaging machines are now being used in every field and making our life easier. Almost everyone accepts that these industrial machines are a very important part of facilitating life.

When you want to search for packaging machines on the world market, we can say that Turkey is in a very good condition. These machines are capable of packaging almost every product from dry foods to now we use the latest technology products.


The main purpose of the package is to absorb the air inside the package and to empty the air inside the package and prevent the food from being damaged quickly. This is one of the most commonly used methods to extend the life of food in almost all developed countries. With this method used in packaging, the food remains healthier in a much more easy way.


Istanbul Dudullu facilities in the production of packaging machines, Maripak was founded in 1989. Shrinkpackagingmachines are one of the most important producers in the world market in terms of product range and capacity.

Maripak is one of the enterprises that can provide services at the corporate level, in addition to its post-sales responsibilities, which can produce a complete solution for automation related to shrinking and shrinking. Germany, USA, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, England market, and developed permanent and distributorships. It represents our country constantly at the biggest fairs of the world organized in these countries. As the time comes, the Chinese market, known as the most competitive market, also started to ship machines.

Shrink Wrap Machines

This is the type of machine that is normally found in some packaging businesses such as the meat shop or frozen foods. A shrink wrapping machine applies hotness to shrink a film of plastic from containers to foods.  In other words, a shrink wrapping machine covers the whole products before sending it to an over of heat tunnel for shrinking.

How to use l-bar Sealers Shrink Wrapping Machine?

This is the type of shrink wrapping machine uses only one bar to wrap or shrink film of plastic. It is used by who trade used CDs and DVDs, and they are ideal for processing low to medium-sized operations. On the other hand, its finish product is really amazing, but it will take a lot of time to wrap a product since it has only one sealing bar. It takes time to wrap it completely.

Steps for using L-Bar Sealers Shrink Wrapping?
  • Switch on first the Shrink Wrapping Machine.
  • Before wrapping the product make sure that you have selected the right shrink film and selected the right size.
  • Place the product into the center-fold shrink film, make sure it has the right posture.
  • seal all three sides. However, if it is your first time make sure to seal all its sides using the shrink film roll. Then Double Check it.
  • Then shrink the film using a heat gun, make sure to shrink it well.
  • And lastly, check the completed products before sending it to the next procedure which is shrinking product.

However, if you want to learn more about this product. You can learn from one of the most trusted shrink machine company, of course they also have other types of shrink wrapping machines.


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