Meet The 6-Year-Old Who Attends Oxford University, Wants To Be A...

Meet The 6-Year-Old Who Attends Oxford University, Wants To Be A Neurosurgeon And Astronaut (SNAPSHOT)

By Wires | The Trent on May 11, 2014


Every time you think that black children are not just as smart as others, stories like this should be a clear wakeup call.  This child is one of the examples of what black children become with focused parenting, consistency and strong discipline in the household.  Share this story with everyone you know, and this should be the prototype for what our children can become when we focus hard enough. 

This child wants to be a neurosurgeon, so he may end up becoming the next Dr. Ben Carson.  Is there a child in your household who shows his brilliance, but doesn’t do so consistently?  Get him into a program so he can focus.  It’s not about what your kids are learning while they are in school.  It’s about the programs they take after school and during the summer that make all the difference.

Meet Joshua Beckford: At just six years old he was the youngest person to ever attend Oxford University. He is now 8 and is thinking about all of the things that he wants to accomplish in his life. He has decided that his career path is going to be neurosurgery.

He also wants to be an astronaut someday. At his age most kids are thinking about the gross cafeteria food or which friend’s house they are going to play at when they are done with their homework.Joshua did not get to attend public school. He was forced to be home-schooled because he was far too advanced for the curriculum in the public school system. He is currently working on writing a children’s book about Egypt as that is a subject that he is fascinated with. He is an academic powerhouse with a clear path in mind.

On top of his academic achievements, Joshua is also the face of the National Autistic Society’s Black and Minority campaign. This is a group that tries to help put a spotlight on the challenges that minorities must overcome every day when they are trying to reach out to get the support that they need through academics.

(via The Black Home School)


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