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Meet India’s Inspirational One Legged Dancer (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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When Subhreet Kaur Ghumman had her leg amputated in 2009 at the age of 22, not many people thought anything would come out of her life then. She lost friends and soon became an object of pity to everybody.

However, the 22 year old Indian nurse did not allow the gloom life had plunged her into take over her life as she stood instead to fight the good fight of faith. When the auditions for the Indian version of Britain’s got talent came, Subhreet informed her mother that she would like to participate as the young Indian had always preferred dancing.

Subhreet (Credit: Cover Asia Press)
Subhreet (Credit: Cover Asia Press)

Her skeptical mother supported her to audition for the show were Subhreet went on to wow audiences across the globe in the 2014 edition of Indian’s got talent. The first time she appeared before the judges and audience, they were filled with many doubts as to how a lady on one leg could properly do the traditional Indian dance filled with many vigorous routines.

She did not only wow judges with that performance but also proceeded to wow audiences across India till she got to the finals but came second place.  She didn’t let that fact keep her from enjoying the victory she had won over life’s difficulties.

In her words; ‘I always loved dancing but my parents wanted me to study so I worked hard to become a nurse. The accident changed my life; it not only took my leg but it gave me the determination to fulfill my dreams. Now I’m dancing for a living and I love it.’

‘My life has changed completely. I have seen the darkest days but now everything seems beautiful. People recognise me when I go out, they ask me for photographs and autographs. It is an amazing feeling.’

She is now married to her gym instructor, Yash, who helped her rebuild her confidence and stability to dance. She said; ‘It was like a dream come true, it was unbelievable. I always wondered who would want to marry me with one leg. I just couldn’t believe I was getting married.’

So next time you have something to complain about, think of Subhreet!

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