Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: My Obsessions With Making Lists And...

Memoirs Of A Single Christian Lady: My Obsessions With Making Lists And 2020

By Alberta Irimagha | Contributor on January 18, 2020
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Editor’s Note: This entry was made in the diary in 2018, the lessons are evergreen hence it made it into the Memoirs of A Single Christian Lady.

If there’s anyone who never fails to make a list every last day of the month, it is I. In my characteristic way, I spent a very long 1/2 hour making a very detailed list for the coming year. You know the drill now; 2017 is coming to an end, 2018 is a new beginning, everyone draws up a very long list of the things we want to accomplish in the new year or the things we want God to do for us in the new year. It doesn’t matter if the content of that list is unrealistic (after all, God is a miracle worker – which means he can make me MD of NLNG with my 2 class lower degree result, even if I have no other qualification) nor does it matter if by the end of the year, nothing on the list comes to pass; the next year, at about the same time, we make another list (we have to keep God on His toes constantly, ensuring that he has a long list to work on).

I decided to compare my list for 2018 against the ones I had made over the past 5 years and I was pretty shocked; my lists have all been about the things I wanted God to do for me (the operative word being ‘God do for me’) at no point in time had I ever included “doing for God” on any of my lists. In fact all my lists through the years were and are pretty much the same.


1) God please give me a better job this year (meaning give me more money)
2) God enlarge my coast financially this year (meaning give me more money)
3) God give me my own husband this year ( meaning give me a man that will take care of my expenses and give me more money to add to mine)
4) God give my family and I long life and prosperity ( meaning give my family and I more money and a long lease on life to eat that money)
5) E.T.C

See 2013 list

Refer to 2014 list

2016 and 2017
See the rest above.

Wow!!! If I were God, I would honor none of these lists. I can’t believe I have been so selfish over the years. Me, Me, Me, yet I have paraded myself as a lover of God. I think I will add a few things to my list for 2018, things that include grace to do things for the expansion of God’s Kingdom and for humanity. It’s only fair that every relationship should go both ways, otherwise it would be parasitic I suppose.

Anyway, my other requests, especially the one of getting a husband, will remain on the list sha. After all, He said we should ask and we will receive. I won’t stop asking o. Sometimes, I even get tired of asking for this every year; however, may my list for 2018 be testimonies by the end of the year mbok (and may ‘husband’ request leave my list after this year in JESUS’ NAME!!)

Now more than ever, I need Jesus,

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